Hendrix ejected me/from my suburban adolescent existence/the tiny intercom speaker/the FM station /softly disobedient/the rest of the family/long in bed

What was that incomprehensible/sex searing bone of a train wreck?

The DJ did NOT back announce the track/what the f**k to do now/sleep?!?

My skeptical mother/drove me/through questionable downtown blocks/to the record store/and the spindly black kid/in green crushed velvet bellbottoms/what can I do for you my man/how white was I?

I tell him/something on the radio/something crazy/something heavy

Heavy? he says/what about this?/pulling Steppenwolf/from the shelf

No not Steppenwolf I say/that’s great/but this was way heavier/WAY heavier

He slides Are You Experienced/from the bin/shakes vinyl from slipcover/to turntable on counter/eases needle onto record

My God it’s Purple Haze/Purple Haze/my GOD in Heaven/Purple Haze/in that instant/my old life is over/dead as a door nail/in a snuff film/A-bomb newsreel/boom resounding through theater floor/piano dropping on sidewalk/ninety car pile up on foggy mountain road/my new world beginning in the foul shape/of an emerging life form/crawling from the soup/to the beach/flexing weird vestigial appendages


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