Tom Kimmel’s Early Fall 2017 Newsletter

1. Almost-Autumn Greetings!

Well it cooled off down here for three nights. We opened the windows and turned on the attic fan. And today on the highway I saw a hint of red in the trees. Dadgummit, fall is coming to Mississippi just anytime now. OK, not in the next week or so (according to the weather man), but soon. I can feel it.
Welcome everyone!

Kindred Spirits

2. A Little News: What it was like in the wilds of Idaho (in 25 words or less)… Ireland tours for next summer… and link to a very enjoyable recent interview I did for a friend’s cool podcast series.

a. Idaho 2017…

Got back a couple of weeks ago from hosting my first musical raft trip in the wilds of Idaho for Middle Fork River Expeditions. I expected a first-rate trip, but I was not prepared for how much wild joy I felt there. I knew I needed to get on the water again and away from the hectic pace of modern civilization, but I didn’t anticipate what a beautiful re-set it would be. Feel like my heart and soul got recalibrated. So grateful for the opportunity to host a small group of folks that were a joy to hang and explore with.

b. …and Idaho 2018

So to my delight I’ll host another rafting trip next summer—this time on the Main Stem of the Salmon. We got a taste of the Main Salmon at the end of our trip this year, and I’m seriously jazzed to be going again.

If you’d like to join me—or learn more about the possibility—I’ve updated the Rafting page at my website with most of the info you need to learn about the trip.
To view it, click HERE.

FYI, here’s the bones of at a glance:
Raft the Main Stem of the Salmon River with me
Wednesday, Aug 22—Monday, Aug 27, 2018
We gather and depart from Stanley, Idaho on Tuesday eve, August 21
Our tour company is the top-notch Middle Fork River Expeditions
*$1799 per adult
*Details at my website HERE

Church at Bunratty Castle

c. We’re taking reservations now for my 2018 Ireland tours.

Both tours follow a path near the west coast (Atlantic Ocean).
On the first tour (July 27-July 6, 2018)
we’ll explore Counties Donegal, Mayo and Clare (with maybe a stopover in Sligo or Galway).

—This will be my first tour exploring Donegal, and I’ve heard so much about its soul and beauty—plus I’ll be I’ll be looking for kin up there(!)

And on the second tour (July 6-15, 2018) we’ll enjoy my favorite familiar route covering Counties Cork, Kerry and Clare.

For all the info, click HERE and HERE.

d. Inteview for new podcast series with Nancy Bos

Several years ago I was on the teaching staff in British Columbia with a soulful voice teacher (and cool person) from Seattle named Nancy Bos. Now Nancy’s started a great podcast series for singers and artists, and she interviewed me for it HERE

(BTW the interview was highly enjoyable.) 

3. TK Poem of the Month
The Bar
I’m not reading you the lines
that didn’t make the book.
I left them in a drawer
where they belong.
I’m not singing you the notes
that didn’t make the verse,
though they could turn up
in some other song.
And probably not!
That’s how it goes.
When they go down
they hardly ever come up
smelling like a rose.
The world is cold
and it’s a shame,
but there’s the bar
and we must raise it
just the same.

There’s the bar
and we must raise it
just the same.

Photo: Jon Howe

4. September Food for Thought
“There’s no good or bad music, only generous and selfish music.”
-Don Was

(Possibly the wisest thing I’ve ever heard about songwriting and music-making. Thanks to producer/writer/teacher/friend Cliff Goldmacher for this gem.)

Archie Looking for Booking

5. Looking for Booking: This fall….

I’ve got just a couple of show in Texas in November. Would love one more between the two. So that means a house concert or the like in the Austin or San Antonio between November 11 and November 17. Yes!
Contact Shauna Jamison by emailing her at booking(at)

7. Booking & Tour Schedule: MS, TX, MD, VA, OH…
Interested in booking Tom Kimmel for a concert, lecture or workshop? Or booking one of Tom’s excellent trios, the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit Tom’s booking page HERE.

–Photo credits (when known): Idaho group courtesy of MFRE; TK in church door courtesy of Curtis Monts; Gibson headstock courtesy of Jon Howe; Archie the Cat by TK

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