Life on the road has its moments/like this one/take this chair/it’s comfortable/especially if I sit sideways /it catches my lower back, like this/so I can settle in and read my book/this excellent book /I’ve looked forward to reading all day

Our show was this afternoon/and we had an early dinner at a local place /so I’m off work/no long drive until morning/and what so you know/I have my own room tonight

This place was once a Holiday Inn/you can tell/a coat of paint does wonders/not everything, but wonders/and they have fresh fruit at the desk/and the staff is friendly/and newspapers are free/OK it’s USA Today, but it’s free/and Wi-Fi is free/as it often is in cheap hotels/and why is it that it’s free in the cheap hotels/but the expensive ones/charge you ten bucks a day?

I’ve saved a miniature of Irish whiskey/and will sip it from a coffee mug/in a hot bath/no plastic cup for me tonight

and look at that king size bed/hard as a rock, like I like it/and six pillows, count them/3 soft and 3 hefty ones/what more could I ask?

On a night like this/I promise myself I won’t complain/about the road again

I won’t say it’s a grind/won’t say/they pay me to travel/I play for free/I won’t say if I’d only taken that job working for/the (bank-government-university-whatever)/I’d be retired by now

because the road has its moments/and a night like this/is filled with them/stuffed with them/made of them

On a night like this/when the show was sweet/and the bath is hot/the mattress firm/the book satisfying/and there is one whiskey in the bottom of the bag/the thing makes sense/the job feels right/and the whole world can sleep until morning


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