TK’s Songs Recorded by Other Artists

“Song Title” (Co-writer)
-Artist/Album Title/Label

“The Blue Train” (w/Jennifer Kimball)
-The Trio (Linda Ronstadt/Emmylou Harris/Dolly Parton)/Trio 2/Asylum
-Linda Ronstadt/Feels Like Home/Elektra
+ The Linda Ronstadt Box Set/Elektra
-Maura O’Connell/Blue is The Colour of Hope/Warner Bros.
-Chuck Pyle/Affected by the Moon/Bee ‘n’ Flowers

“Never Saw Blue Like That” (w/Jeff Franzel & Mark Luna)
-Shawn Colvin/Runaway Bride: Music from the Motion Picture/Sony Music Soundtrax
+ Shawn Colvin/Songs from Dawson’s Creek, Vol. 2/Sony Music Soundtrax
+ Shawn Colvin/Best of Shawn Colvin/Camden
-Hayley Westenra/Odyssey/Decca
-Melissa Errico/Blue Like That/Manhattan
-Lee Lessack/In Good Company/LML Music
-Katie Reider/Simplicity/Katie Reider Music

“Heroes” (w/Jennifer Kimball)
-Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings/Heroes/Columbia
-Southern Pacific/Southern Pacific/Warner Bros.
-Little America/Little America/Geffen
-William Lee Golden/American Vagabond/MCA

“When You Know” (w/Jeff Franzel)
-Shawn Colvin/Serendipity: Music from the Miramax Motion Picture/Columbia Records/Sony Music Soundtrax
-Dianne Reeves/When You Know/Blue Note Records

“Shallow Water”
-Randy Travis/Inspirational Journey/Atlantic

“See Myself in You” (w/Tom Prasada-Rao)
-Randy Travis/Inspirational Journey/Atlantic

“A to Z”
-Joe Cocker/Cocker/Capitol

“The One” (w/Jay Joyce)
-Joe Cocker/Unchain My Heart/Capitol

“Angels” (w/Jennifer Kimball)
-Nanci Griffith/Hearts In Mind/New Door/Universal
-Susan Ashton, Margaret Becker, Christine Dente/Along the Road/Sparrow
-John Farnham/Then Again/BMG Australia
+ Anthology 1/BMG Australia
+ One Voice: The Greatest Hits/BMG Australia

“That’s Freedom” (w/Jean Anne Chapman)
-John Farnham/Chain Reaction/BMG Australia (Top 5 hit)
+ Full House Live/BMG Australia
+ Anthology 1/BMG Australia
+ One Voice: The Greatest Hits/BMG Australia
+ Acoustic Chapel Sessions/Sony

“That’s What I Love About Rain” (w/Lisa Aschmann)
-Art Garfunkel with Maia Sharp & Buddy Mondlock/Everything Waits To
Be Noticed/Manhattan
-Celeste Krenz/Celeste/Blix Street

“Elvis on Velvet” (w/Monty Byrom & David Newhauser)
-Stray Cats/Choo Choo Hot Fish/JRS/Great Pyramid (BMG)

“Poetic Justice” (w/Buddy Mondlock)
-Maura O’Connell/Stories/Permanent/Hannibal
-Jane Saunders/Poetic Justice/EMI Australia
-Buddy Mondlock/Poetic Justice/Major Bob

“Young and Naive” (w/Heather Rigdon & Cliff Goldmacher)
-Heather Rigdon/Jazz Around the World/Putumayo World Music

“Givin’ Herself Away” (w/Lynn Tabola)
-Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman/City/Capitol
-Gail Davies/Givin’ Herself Away/Warner Bros.

“Violet Eyes”
-Levon Helm/American Son/MCA

“Talk to Jesus” (w/Kathy Troccoli & Jeff Franzel)
-Kathy Troccoli/The Story of Love/Reunion

“I Love You, That’s All” (w/Chris Crawford)
-Tracy Byrd/Big Love/MCA

“The Bridge” (w/Jim Pittman)
-Kathy Mattea/Love Travels/Mercury
-Patricia Conroy/You Can’t Resist/Intersound

“True” (w/Lisa Palleschi & Jeff Franzel)
-Lisa Palleschi/Released/Light Year

“Planet or a Star”(w/Lisa Aschmann)
-Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike/That’s What Love Can Do/Bell Buckle

“Why Pretend” (w/Jeff Franzel)
-Chuck Pyle/Affected by the Moon/Bee ‘n’ Flowers

“She Don’t Like Roses” (w/Christine Kane)
-Christine Kane/Rain & Mud & Wild & Green/Big Fat Music
+ Christine Kane/American Folk/Putumayo World Music

“The Crying Ground” (w/Pierce Pettis)
-Pierce Pettis/State of Grace/Compass

“Clear Blue Sky” (w/Johnsmith)
-Celeste Krenz/Celeste/Blix Street
-Johnsmith/To the Four Directions/Blue Pine

“Pages” (w/Jenny Yates)
-Bering Strait/Pages/Universal South
-Andrea Zonn/Love Goes On/Compass Records
-Jenny Yates/Out of the Blue/In My Dreams

“House on Fire” (w/Stan Lynch)
-The Kennedys/River of Fallen Stars/Green Linnet
-John Farnham/Romeo’s Heart/BMG Australia (recorded as “Hearts on Fire”)
+ Anthology 1/BMG (Australia)
+ (John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John & Anthony Warlow)
Highlights from the Main Event/BMG Australia
+ One Voice: The Greatest Hits/BMG Australia
+ Acoustic Chapel Sessions/Sony

“Perfectly Crazy”
-Lacy J. Dalton/Can’t Run Away From Your Heart/Columbia

“Rainbow at Midnight” (w/Danny Tate)
-Oak Ridge Boys (with Patti LaBelle & Joe Walsh)/Where The Fast Lane Ends/MCA

“Skin Tight” (w/Eddie Schwartz)
-Ashley Cleveland/Bus Named Desire/Reunion/RCA

“Diamonds” (w/Karen Besbeck)
-Patricia Conroy/You Can’t Resist/Intersound

“If I Fell from Grace with You” (w/Lisa Aschmann)
-Michael Johnson/Live at the Bluebird Cafe/American Originals
-Lisa Aschmann/The Feast/Lisa Aschmann

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