• Al Gore - Al’s been talking sense about the environment since I first saw him speak in 1978.
  • Nature Conservancy - Quietly preserving unique and endangered land and species for over 50 years.
  • Saving The Earth - As the site says, saving the earth is the ultimate in self-help.
  • The Story of Stuff - A unique website and fascinating short video promoting sustainable lifestyle. Required viewing!

Healing & Self Care


  • CD Baby - The best one-stop for singer-writer and independent music.
  • Elixir - Thanks to Elixir for many years of support. Simply put, they're the best.
  • National Public Radio Music - Fantastic new American and World music resource.
  • NSAI - Educating, building community, and making a better world for songwriters nationwide.


  • Poetry 180 - Terrific poem-a-day site sponsored by The Library of Congress and poet Billy Collins.
  • The Writer's Almanac - A treasure trove of great, accessible poetry.


  • Plum Village - The spiritual home of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hahn.
  • Siddha Yoga - A beautiful path and practice based on meditation, yoga and service.
  • The Episcopal Church - Working for reconciliation worldwide with respect for the dignity of all people.

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