Tom Kimmel’s Early Summer 2017 News

1. Greetings!

Photo: David Miller

Salutations from Hattiesburg, Mississippi—my new home! Got my drivers license and library card, found my coffee shop hang (T-Bones Records & Café), located the closest PO, movie house, bookstore, bank, park, breakfast joint and pubs. I’m in business!
And why am I here? Love, naturally. (See news & pics below)
OK, on to the News-in-Brief… Welcome!

2. News:  Musically rafting in Idaho in August; Irish wedding, Sweden-Ireland Tour Report; 2018 Ireland tour reservations

a. Raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho with me in August

Kicking back on the Middle Fork

There’s still room on the rafts (and beaches) for you to join me on my musical Idaho raft trip in August.

Top 10 reasons I’m excited about hosting the trip:

  • the pristine wilderness of the beautiful Middle Fork of the Salmon River
  • the soul-healing that happens on the water, away from my hectic world
  • undisturbed days on and beside clean, cool, clear water
  • geothermal hot tubbing beside the river
  • delicious healthy meals prepared by the staff
  • leadership of seasoned guides lets me relax and go with the flow

    Salmon geothermal spring

  • music in the evenings (mine, the staff’s… and yours?)
  • fellowship—the river attracts kindred spirits
  • hiking, exploring, lounging, reading, whatever the heck I feel like when off the river
  • the sheer mystery—there’s always the unexpected blessing along the way

 The basic info:
When: August 24-29
Where:  Middle Fork of the Salmon River
What: National Geographic calls it one of the three most beautiful raft trips in the world
Who: Me, You, and a top notch team of guides and staff
Our tour company, Middle Fork River Expeditions, has expertly run Middle Fork trips for decades. They provide seasoned guides, most of the gear we’ll need, and they make the rest of our prep clear and easy.
For more info, email me at:  rafting(at) 
—(I will answer personally.)
I’ve also got a web page on the trip HERE.
And the Middle Fork River Expedictions website is HERE

b. My Big Fat Irish Wedding

My Irish Wedding

Well it wasn’t big & fat, but boy it sure was SWEET! Married Kathryn Spangler, a true peach if ever there was, in Galway on May 31. I’m crazy happy about it, too. I usually refrain from sharing intensely personal stuff in these newsletters… but what the heck. It’s such a good and fine thing.

c. Had a ball touring Sweden

Had a wonderful 3 week tour in May playing and teaching with Eva Hillered and Annika Fehling. Wrote 4 new songs there too. Watched Spring arrive way up north. Thanks Eva & Annika! 

d. Irish tours are highlights in my life

Irish Road (photo: Dana Cooper)

I’m just 4 days home from hosting 2 wonderful tours in Ireland. Thank God for Inishfree Tours and these opportunities…

For all the info, click HERE and HERE.

3. TK Poem of the Month
Jealousy, the True Story
The jealousy you’re feeling?
I invented it.
Yes I was the first human
to feel it at the depth
at which you’re feeling it now,
and once it was felt so deeply
others sensed and absorbed it,
and it spread through the world
in the flash of a pandemic
jumping the tracks
of the spacetime continuum,
swimming down and back
through the primordial stew
of catalytic protein chains
and metabolic reactions
right into t

he structure of our DNA.
No one remembers now
that it wasn’t always around,
but I’m telling you, it started with me.

4. Early Summer Food for Thought: Wisdom for our time from Louis Armstrong & Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury (photo: Alan Light)

“There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.”
—Louis Armstrong, musician & composer (1901-1971)
“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”
—Ray Bradbury, author & screenwriter (1920-2012)

 5. Recommended: A super-cool, easy-as-pie-to-use urban clothesline

It’s been awhile since I could wholeheartedly endorse a gizmo, but the Brabantia Wallfix Wall-Mounted Rotary Dryer is making me very happy. Everybody knows that laundry hung on a

Cool “urban” clothesline

clothesline outdoors smells and feels like heaven. And while most of us don’t live someplace where we can swing a clothesline, now if we have even a few feet of space by our house or apartment, we can make it happen.

This thing isn’t cheap—$155 at Amazon at the moment—but it folds out from a wall or post like an umbrella, gives you 78 feet(!) of line, and with a light touch it folds against the wall into a very small footprint.

Check it out HERE or Google it and maybe find it nearby.

6. Looking for Booking: Next fall & winter….

photo: Antje Zumbansen

So now that I’m settling in down in south Mississippi I’m looking at the calendar. Here are a couple of spots I’d like to fill in…
a. I’m playing Friday, September 15 in Bluffton, SC (near Savannah, GA), and I’d love to pick up a show or two around that date.
b. I’m playing in Saturday, November 11 in Canyon Lake, TX (near San Antonio), and will be filling in a long weekend of shows around that date.
—If you have ideas, please let us know by contacting Shauna Jamison by emailing her at booking(at)

7. Booking & Tour Schedule
To see Tom’s current tour schedule, click HERE.

Interested in booking Tom Kimmel for a concert, lecture or workshop? Or booking one of Tom’s excellent trios, the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit Tom’s booking page HERE.

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