Tom Kimmel’s March 2017 News

1. Greetings!

Photo: Ed Benes

I have so greatly enjoyed and appreciated all the teaching, playing and traveling I’ve done this year. How lucky I am! But I’m home today in Tupelo—and a little sad because tonight all the pretty flowers will surely freeze! (I want to throw a blanket out of over all of them.)

2. News: Join me for Song School in Alabama this weekend, Musically raft Idaho with me in August
a Alabama Folk School (March 17-19, 2017)
That’s this coming weekend! Join me and talented Waymores partner Sally Barris at the Camp McDowell retreat center (an hour SW of Birmingham, AL) to share our songs and hone our craft. For novices, pros, everyone…  because we all “start where we are.” All the info HERE… or contact me directly via shauna(at)

b. Raft (& Harmonize) with me in Idaho August 24-29

Idaho River Campfire

Well you never know where the road—or river—will take you. Next August I’ll be hosting a musical raft trip through unspoiled scenic Idaho. Up to twenty friends and fans will join me August 24-29 to float the Middle Fork of the Salmon River—one of the most spectacular wild areas anywhere.
What we’re talking about here is a dreamy laid-back six-day raft-and-camp-out trip with professional guides, large rafts and amazing food.
National Geographic calls it one of the three most beautiful raft trips in the world!
—My pal Johnsmith hosted a trip last season and raved about it, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
Our expert tour company, Middle Fork River Expeditions, has been running these trips for decades. (They also provide most of the gear we’ll need and make the rest of our prep clear and easy.)
For more info, email me at:  rafting(at)
I’ve also got a web page on the trip HERE.
And the Middle Fork River Expedictions website is HERE

3. TK Poem of the Month: The Tulip Tree
The hard freeze forecast for tonight reminds me of a poem I wrote after a cold March night not long ago.
The Tulip Tree
My tulip tree
blooms in March each year.
Planted so far north,
it’s a risky business.
A mild winter
shores its confidence,
and a thousand pink blossoms
rush forth.
I open my door
to spring ice and dark petals,
admiring its courage,
lamenting its loss.

4. March Food for Thought: Wisdom for our times from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on this day 138 years ago in Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire. Here are a couple of now-timely thoughts. (Thanks to and my old friend Otto.)
“I look upon myself as a man. Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”
—To The Saturday Evening Post, October 1929
“There is separation of colored people from white people in the United States. That separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.”
—From a lecture at Lincoln University, 1946

5. Recommended: A history-and-science book with everything you wanted to know about our species, but were afraid to ask…


What a fascinating read! I’ve been enthralled.
The author—who the Washington Post called “an emerging rock-star lecturer at the nexus of history and science”—manages to educate, inspire, entertain and provoke just about everybody. Wish I were still in a book club so we could have a good scrap over it.

“…left me with an overarching historical structure which I can build on as I learn more. At the same time, Harari tells our history in such an approachable way that you’ll have a hard time putting it down.”

—Bill Gates (from gatesnotes, his blog)
6. Looking for Booking: Next fall… everywhere & anywhere.
In this section of the newsletter I’m usually looking to fill in a date or two, but this time around I’m looking for a few good shows or workshops to build around next fall.
If you have suggestions, ideas etc. in your region of the country… we’d love to hear them!
Contact Shauna Jamison by emailing her at booking(at)

7. Booking & Tour Schedule

Photo: Joy Katzen-Guthrie

Interested in booking Tom Kimmel for a concert, lecture or workshop? Or booking one of Tom’s excellent trios, the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit Tom’s booking page HERE.

For Tom’s up-to-date tour schedule, click HERE.

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