Tom Kimmel’s February 2017 News

Connemara, County Galway, Ireland


1. Greetings from Tupelo!

In case you’re wondering, Tupelo got its name from the tupelo tree, famous for tupelo honey, but the town is best known as Elvis’s hometown—and it’s been my home for the past three years and change.

Tweed & Beads

I’m here for the moment, and as I write this I’m an hour away from getting a root canal. That pesky molar! So if you’re reading this you’ll know I survived and was able to hit the SEND button on this newsletter afterward.
I pray you are all well and avoiding root canals…. unless of course you really need one!

In that case, don’t skimp on the Novocain.
And now a spot of news…

2. News: Writing retreats + Join Tom in Idaho in August for scenic rafting & music
a. Where I’ll be teaching… 

Cape Cod Class 2016

I LOVE these teaching opportunities, and recent workshops have been soul-stirring.

If you’re an old pro looking for fresh ideas or a curious beginner, you’re invited to join me for any of these. Like yoga class, we all simply start where we are.

Here’s what I’ve got coming up:

i. emPower Music & Arts Totally Cool Song School (Monday, February 27, 2017, in Tampa, FL… This is a one-day workshop—I teach two (2) classes, one in am & one in pm—immediately following the emPower Music & Arts annual Posi Music Festival (Feb 23-26). 
For more info click HERE.

ii. Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat (March 6-9, 2017), in Provincetown, MA

This one’s sold out for lodging, but there’s room for commuter participants. For more click HERE.
—Joining me: Kate CampbellSloan Wainwright and host David Roth. It’s a very sweet gathering.
For more info, click HERE.
iii. Alabama Folk School (March 17-19, 2017), in Nauvoo, AL
I’m quite excited about this one—my first time to teach at a retreat in my home state. Joining me with her own class will be my Waymores partner Sally Barris. (FYI my class—Building Better Songs—will bring kindred spirits together to work with the essential good stuff.)
Slots are open for both my and Sal’s classes. For more info, click HERE
b. Raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with me in Idaho next August!

I just spent a week teaching in California with Johnsmith—John hosted one of these musical raft trips last year and said it’s a complete blast! I can’t wait…

Idaho Twilight

So if you’re called by the wild—and actually the river is more mild than wild by late summer… and if you like the idea of musical evenings… and awesome food, easy camping and a first rate staff doing the guiding, cooking and heavy lifting… well come on.
Where: Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho
When: August 24-29, 2017
Who: Me, professional staff and you
Why: Because National Geographic says this is one of the three (3) most beautiful raft trips in the world
What else: Visit my webpage HERE for more.
PS Feel free to email me at:  rafting(at)
PPS Our rafting company is the venerable Middle Fork River Expeditions, and their website is HERE

3. TK Poem of the Month: Wet Cat



Wet Cat
He’s a dripping wet cat,
no two ways about it.
Rain or no rain,
by God he’s going outside.
Does he like
being toweled off?
I think so. He’s purring.

4. February Food for Thought: Wisdom for a contentious culture

Ghost Fish

In an age of acrimony and division, here’s wisdom from an unlikely pair.
“We are already one. But we imagine we are not. And what we have to recover is our original unity. What we have to be is what we already are.”
Thomas Merton, writer, theologian, mystic (1915-1968)

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”
Louis L’Amour, American novelist (1908-1988)

5. Recommended: Two classic country albums
These albums were recorded almost forty years apart, but they embody so much of what real country music does better than just about anything else.
Note: Mr. Jennings left this world in 2002. Mr. Bare’s alive & kicking at 81.

Dreaming My Dreams, by Waylon Jennings

Dreaming My Dreams

This is classic Waylon before the Outlaws got together, and he was really hitting his stride. So many great tracks on this record, including Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? and Bob Wills Is Still the King. Sounds as fresh as ever.
Darker Than Light, by Bobby Bare

This is an album of earthy covers, but that’s the intention here, with classic country and folk songs penned by Bob Dylan, U2, Leadbelly, Merle Travis, Jimmy Driftwood and others. 

Darker Than Light

With a killer band featuring Buddy Miller and Randy Scruggs, Mr. Bare makes these songs 100% his own.
FYI Waylon did me the honor of recording two of my songs late in his career. Bobby Bare invited me fishing once. (I don’t remember what I thought was more important at the time, but now I sure wish I’d gone.)

6. Booking & Tour Schedule

At the Bugle Boy, La Grange TX

Interested in booking Tom Kimmel for a concert, lecture or workshop? Or booking one of Tom’s excellent trios, the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit Tom’s booking page HERE.

To see Tom’s tour schedule of concerts and workshops, click HERE.

Friend of Tom’s

Photo credits:

Idaho Twilight: Courtesy of Middle Fork River Expeditions.
Header photo (Connemara), Archie the Cat, Ghost Fish, Tweeds & Beads, Chippy the Panda:
TK at the Bugle Boy, Waylon Jennings & Bobby Bare album covers: unknown—my apologies!

Peace to All!

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