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Middle Fork of the Salmon

1. Greetings!

Dang, it’s the New Year—and the future is tumbling into the present so quickly! Lately while walking my old dog Layla I’ve been listening to radio shows and podcasts about amazing stuff, like the speedy evolution of tech (self-driving cars, artificial intelligence) and about the origins, history and future of our species—like where in the heck neurobiologists, geneticists and paleontologists imagine we are going!

Backyard Leaves

One thing I know for sure: sometimes we all need to hit the reset button. I’m talking personally and culturally—and this New Year is an excellent time for that. For me, it is the obvious stuff—being more consistent with meditation, exercise, time outdoors, daily music-making… and sleep, for God’s sake. But I also earnestly pray that our worldwide community of goodhearted, intellectually curious, artistic, fiercely loving, bridge-building souls will hang together this year and find ways to hit the reset button for our troubled country… and troubled world. Amen. 

(Happy New Year! And now a teaspoon of news…)

2. News: Late Christmas gift (The Blue Train on a special Trio album collection)… Raft wild Idaho with me in August!… Writing retreats and more…. a. Surprise Christmas gift: My song on new Trio collection 

Dolly, Emmylou & Linda

So my pal Don Henry says to me the other day, “You know, your song The Blue Train is on a new Trio record.” And damned if it ain’t! How did I miss this?
Thank you Emmy, Linda & Dolly. And thank you to co-writer Jennifer Kimball. It means a lot to me to have our song in this set, which is called…
The Complete Trio Collection (3 CDs). It contains both Trio albums—Trio (1987) and Trio II (1999)—which sold a lot of records and won the group three Grammys. Both albums have been remastered here, plus (thanks to Emmylou) there’s a bonus disc of 20 tracks of alternate takes and unreleased songs from both albums’ sessions.


b. Raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with me in Idaho next August!
Well I’m happy as all get out to be hosting a special musical raft trip through scenic Idaho this coming August 24-29. Up to twenty friends and fans will join me to raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River—one of the most spectacular unspoiled wild areas anywhere. I have run magical rivers in lots of beautiful places, but this will be my at-long-last chance to ride down the Middle Fork.

Sunset on the Middle Fork

What we’re talking about here is a very laid back six-day float-and-camp out trip with seasoned, expert guides, large rafts—and BTW our guides do most of the paddling andthe cooking, and the setting up and… well, the work.

National Geographic calls it one of the three most beautiful raft trips in the world, and I couldn’t be more excited!
My dear friend Johnsmith hosted his first trip last year and has raved about the beauty, the food, the good company, the music, the… everything.
Our tour company is Middle Fork River Expeditions, a top outfit that’s been running these trips for many years. (They also provide most of the gear we’ll need and make the rest of our prep clear and easy.)
If this sounds appealing and you’d like more info, please email me at:  rafting(at)
I also have a page on the trip at my website HERE.
And the Middle Fork River Expedictions website is HERE

 c. Songwriting retreats where I’ll be teaching…
Note: I’m still adding new class and retreat dates for the year & beyond. Here’s what’s on the calendar right now.

Songwriters at Esalen 11/16

i. emPower Music & Arts Totally Cool Song School (Monday, February 27, 2017… following the Empower Music & Arts’ annual Posi Music Festival (Feb 23-26). I always enjoy this one.

For more info click HERE.
ii. Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat (March 6-9, 2017)
Last year I had a wonderful time at this retreat, and I’m pleased to be asked back as an instructor by talented retreat host, David Roth.
Dave tells me there’s a still a little room at the inn and at a nearby site. To view the event’s Facebook page for more info, click HERE
Note: The other instructors will be Kate CampbellSloan Wainwright and David Roth. I will add that the Lands End Inn is a wonderful location for this gathering.
For more info, click HERE.
iii. Alabama Folk School (March 17-19, 2017)
I’m pleased to be teaching for the first time in my home state of Alabama. Join me, Waymores partner Sally Barris and other fine teachers.
More info to come. Mark your calendars. And for more on Alabama Folk School, click HERE.

3. TK Poem (Song) of the Month: “Silver Lining”


Some of us haven’t been exactly optimistic of late—myself included—so  instead of sharing a poem this month I’ll link to a clip of a song I may have shared before. I wrote it with friend and long-time collaborator Jeff Franzel, and it was recorded during a live radio interview on KRFC in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
To listen (and watch), click HERE. And here’s the lyric.
Silver Lining
You don’t have to say a word
I can see how much that hurts
Listen here for what it’s worth
Help is on the way
Sometimes when you’re in despair
You forget somebody cares
You miss the love that’s always there
When you feel that way
So if you’re down and out
Think no one can save you now
Baby let there be no doubt
It’s gonna be all right
The world keeps turning
Even when the sun is hiding
Somewhere in the world it’s shining
Even when it seems so far away
Baby there’s a silver lining to everything
And sometimes when you need some help
You can blame it on yourself
Till you feel like there’s nothing left
And nothing’s gonna change
So if you’re feeling blue
Like this time you won’t pull through
Baby that’s not half the truth
It’s gonna be all right
So don’t you worry
Even when the sun is hiding
Somewhere in the world it’s shining
Even when it seems so far away
Baby there’s a silver lining to everything
To learn to fly you risk it all
And baby how it hurts to fall
You want to run, but there’s another way
Even when the sun is hiding
Somewhere in the world it’s shining
Even when it seems so far away
I know you’re feeling brokenhearted
But soon you’ll see it’s where we started
Looking for the love that saved the day
Baby there’s a silver lining to everything
words & music: Tom Kimmel & Jeff Franzel
©2002 Morrissette Music (ASCAP)/Bird Wins Publishing (ASCAP)

4. New Year Food for Thought: Wisdom from Brian Eno

Backyard Leaves (close-up)

Note: Here I usually post a couple of quotes by poets, writers, philosophers or activists, but yesterday old friend Otto sent a link to this short Facebook essay on the prospects of the New Year. I greatly respect Brian Eno. If you don’t know of him, he’s a special musician, composer and experimental artist—and a collaborator/producer of U2, Coldplay, David Bowie and many others. 
His thoughts here give me heart and courage. For his perspective, click HERE.

5. Recommended:  “Arrival” (film)
If you haven’t seen it—and it’s still playing nearby—GO! If it’s moved on, add to your watch list. It’s a thoughtful, intelligent, provocative, inspiring and entertaining film that transcends sci-fi.

It has the Tom Kimmel Seal of Approval!

6. Booking & Tour Schedule
Last but not least:

Interested in booking Tom for a concert, lecture or workshop? Or booking one of Tom’s excellent trios, the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit Tom’s booking page HERE

And to view Tom’s generally up-to-date tour schedule, click HERE.

Peace to All!

Archie Kicks Back

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