Tom Kimmel’s October 2016 News

1. Greetings!

Natchez Trace colors

Natchez Trace colors

So we say goodbye to what for many of us was truly the long hot summer. But now my windows are open and the leaves beginning to turn on the Trace are such a welcome sight.

I have some big news this month, so without further ado….

2. News: Raft Idaho with me next August!.. Second 2017 Ireland tour added!.. Songwriting retreats…

a. Raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with me in Idaho next August! 

Lord have mercy! I have the amazing opportunity to host a special musical raft trip in beautiful Idaho late next summer… and I couldn’t be more excited. Please join me!

Many of you know of my love of river-running in wild, scenic places—and of course my love for sharing music. If a combo of the two appeals to you, join me next August 24-29, 2017 and float the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. We’ll assemble in Stanley, Idaho on the evening of Wednesday, August 23, and the trip proper begins the next morning.

Raft on the Middle Fork

Raft on the Middle Fork

We’ll be guided, very well-fed and well taken care of by Middle Fork River Expeditions, a top-notch outfit that’s been running these trips for many years. (They also provide most of the gear we’ll need.)

What we’re talking about here is a laid back six-day float-and-camp out trip with seasoned, expert guides, large rafts—and BTW, guides do the paddling—through what National Geographic calls one of the three most beautiful raft trips in the world.

Hot springs by the river

Hot springs by the river

Most of us will fly in and out of Boise, then travel to Stanley (and we’ll network that travel together). For the particulars—pricing, transportation, logistics etc.—email me at:


…and I’ll send you the info and a reservation form that should tell you pretty much everything you need to know.

BTW I’ll be adding a page to my website in the next few days, but by all means check out the MFRE website HERE.

Needless to say, I’m pumped!

b. I’ve added a second Ireland tour for June 2017!

Yes indeed. My June 2-11 tour sold out in 10 days, so I’m very happy to add a second tour. (Thanks to John & Jo Smith with Inishfree Tours.)

Molly Gallivan's, Co. Kerry

Molly Gallivan’s, Co. Kerry

The NEW tour will run June 13-22, 2017. We’ll all arrive in Shannon by the evening of Monday, June 12, and the tour proper will take off the next morning from nearby Bunratty, where most of us will be lodged for the night in a favorite B&B.

All the info is at my website NOW, so check it out HERE. You’ll find most everything you need to know about the tour, plus contact info to reserve your space.

(As of this writing we have about a dozen seats open… out of 24.)

c. Writing retreats where I’ll be teaching…

July writing workshop in Lendas, Crete / photo: Peter Östman

July writing workshop in Lendas, Crete / photo: Peter Östman

i. emPower Music & Arts Totally Cool Song School in Tampa, February 2017

Always enjoy this one. Info to come soon. In the meantime, check out the festival site HERE.

ii. Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat in March 2017

Last year I had a wonderful time at this retreat, and I’m very pleased to be asked back as an instructor by my big-hearted, talented retreat host, David Roth.

Dave tells me there’s a still a little room at the Inn and at a nearby site. To view the event’s Facebook page for more info, click HERE.

Note: The other instructors will be Kate CampbellSloan Wainwright and David Roth. I must also add that the Lands End Inn is a wonderful location for this gathering.

As of this writing, a handful of slots remain open. For more info, click HERE.

iii. Alabama Folk School March 17-19, 2017

I’m happy to be teaching for the first time in the Heart of Dixie—the state I grew up in. Join me, Waymores partner Sally Barris and other fine teachers.

More info to come soon. Mark your calendars. And for more on Alabama Folk School, click HERE.

3. TK Poem of the Month: Your Gift

The road we performing artists travel isn’t the smoothest—and shelter, food and kindnesses along the way make it possible for us to carry on.

Your Gift

The gifts you give
keep giving even when
they’re long since
out of sight,
the love you shared
still loving and
the fire you lit
still giving light
out past your way
of knowing where
or how or who
will let it in,
and yet somehow
it’s shining on
to worlds of worlds.

—for Bob & Nancy Jenkins

4. October Food for Thought

As the days again grow shorter and the leaves turn, something quickens in the heart of the writer, and so… here’s a little food for thought for all my writer friends.

“Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words…. By means of art we are sometimes sent—dimly, briefly—revelations unattainable by reason.”
—Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, Russian author (1918-2008)

“To write simply is as difficult as to be good.”
—Somerset Maugham, English novelist and playwright (1874-1965)

*“To write, for me, is a very grave exercise, full of risk: to say what I know, not more, not less.”
—René Daumel, French writer and poet (1908-1944)

*Thanks to Kenneth Robinson, a fine writer.

5. Recommended: Vivino! (Hey it’s an app to help pick out wine!)

OK, OK. I know, another app. But wait….

So I know enough about whiskies to engage in conversation, but I’m a wine doofus. And how many of us have wandered aisles of wine before a date or dinner and felt, well, lost?

If you’re one of us, you will write to thank me for recommending this handy free app called Vivino for your iPhone or Android phone. All you do is open the app and take a picture of the label. That’s it! You’ll instantly see a 1-5 star rating by other users… and a few helpful blurb-ish reviews (if you care to look). PLUS you’ll see the average price you should expect to pay for the bottle.

For example, I learned that a bottle of merlot from Washington State I was considering gets 3.6 stars on average from over 1700 users, and it’s average price is $13.

image-10-8-16-at-5-25-pm-1And because I’m really cheap, I took a chance on Trader Joe Merlot Grower’s Reserve for $5. Five dollars! Rated 3.8 by 250 users. (I’ll let you know how I like it.)

To check it out, go to your app store… or click HERE.

You can even use the app to scan a wine list at a restaurant… or order wine online right from the app. Cool.

(This other bottle pictured here is one I received as a gift… that I’m saving for a special occasion!)

6. New Feature: Looking for Booking

What was that 1st line?

What was that 1st line?

I’ve had the (possibly) bright idea to let you know when and where I’m looking to fill in my tour calendar with concerts, readings and workshops. Sounds easy?

So in February… right now I’m looking for a couple of dates in Florida before (or during) the annual emPower Posi Music Fest in Tampa Feb 23-27, 2017.

—Specifically, I’d love a couple of sweet shows to play somewhere nearby or on the way Thu-Fri-Sat and/or Sunday, Feb 16-19.

—I could also possibly play within driving distance of Tampa on Sat and/or Sunday, Feb 25-26.

And in March… I’m looking for a couple of driving-distance shows from Provincetown on Cape Cod after the Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat.

—Specifically, I’d love to play somewhere up there Fri-Sat-Sun, Mar 10-12.

If you have ideas or would like to ask about hosting a house concert and/or songwriting workshop… or spoken word event… please email us at booking(at)

Thank you!

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