Tom Kimmel’s Spring 2016 News

1. Greetings!

Spring… it’s official! And if that’s not quite evident for everyone (like snowbound friends in Colorado & Nevada) it’s close. My wisteria is blooming in that first burst of lavender buds. And I so love the impossible scattering of pale green through the bare trees.

Greetings everyone!

(photo: Lee Walker)

2. News

a. Tom’s Annual Writing Rereat coming in June

i. I’ve recently had the great pleasure of teaching at 3 wonderful songwriting retreats (in MA, CA & FL)… and now my favorite retreat is coming up soon (June 5-11). That would be my 3rd Annual Doe Branch Ink Songwriting Retreat in Marshall, North Carolina. I’m not much of a salesman, but this is a very special opportunity for those who feel the tug.

Our small group (8 writers max) will have a week to write and hang in a relaxed, focused, supportive atmosphere. Affordable tuition includes all first-rate meals. Our schedule allows for ample one-on-one mentoring, plus free time to socialize, read, rest or explore the beautiful countryside as we wish….

For more info, click HERE. Space remains, and writers at all stages of work and development are welcome.

Kindred spirits

ii. After the North Carolina retreat I’ll be off to Crete (Greece) as a guest instructor at a long running arts gathering hosted by good friends from Sweden. Very exciting!

Crete, Mediterranean cove

…And then I head up to Ireland to host my 8th fans-and-friends tour of Ireland’s gorgeous unspoiled southwest coastal counties: Cork, Kerry and Clare.

Ireland, southwest coast (photo: Marla Grassi)

b. Speaking of Ireland…

My 2016 tour is sold out. In 2017 I’ll again be hosting a tour of Ireland’s rustic, scenic southwest. Dates for NEXT year’s tour are June 211, 2017.

As this year’s tour was filled almost a year in advanceit’s not too early to look ahead to next year.

For more info on the 2017 tour—including how you can reserve a space—click HERE.

c. Solo shows

I’ve about recovered from shoulder repair, so again I’m filling my calendar with concert dates and workshops.

To see my tour dates—or inquire about booking—scroll on down to “Booking & Tour Schedule”… or click HERE to see my calendar.

Special guest in Mississippi
(photo: Carol Ann Pittman)

d. Waymores News

After a short hiatus the Waymores (Don HenrySally Barris, me) had a blast reuniting for several shows in early March. For upcoming trio dates, see my tour schedule online by clicking HERE.

Waymores: Don, Sally & Tom  (photo: Woodfin Gregg)

3. Drawing Board: Songbook update

Seems like my songbook has been in the works forever… but yesterday I mailed a check with an agreement to the largest sheet music publisher in the world (Hal Leonard Corp)… to cover most of the many publishing licenses required for the 20 songs in the book.

Inch by inch… little by little. It’s coming!

4. Poem of the Month

Long Distance

Is the sweetest torture
Here not here
There not there
Or anywhere

The phone a meager
Means of touch
The postcard
Yesterday’s news

Lips a memory
Skin an idea
Voice a song
On the radio

Longing unwinds itself
in nights of dreams
and dreams of dreams
Were you ever here?

5. Spring Food for Thought

“Love is the highest and holiest action because it always contains that which is not in love within itself, it always and ever moves to include the unloving.”

-Thaddeus Golas, author (1924-1997)
(from The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment)


6. Songs or the month

  1. American Tune

Words & music: Paul Simon
From the album: There Goes Rhymin’ Simon (1973)

I’ve long loved this song, but lately it’s been haunting me. Maybe it’s the election season. Maybe it’s the old Anglican hymn from which it judiciously borrows. But what a song, this lifetime keeper.

To listen on Spotify, click HERE.

  1. Here Comes the Sun

Words & music: George Harrison
From the Beatles album: Abbey Road (1969)

To listen on Spotify, click HERE.

We’ve all heard Here Comes the Sun a million times, but if you haven’t listened lately, put on a pair of headphones, sit in a quite place, tune out the world and soak in this amazing track. Fantastic song, the Beatles at their best, gorgeous and skillful production by Sir George Martin.

George Harrison died in 2001, and the Beatles’ brilliant producer left this world just a few short weeks ago. I’m listening as I’m writing this, and I’m celebrating these amazing men.

7. Booking & Tour Schedule

Interested in booking a solo concert, lecture or workshop? Or booking the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit my booking page HERE.

Please note that I’m always open to adding a short workshop to go along with a concert date on the road.

For all solo & trio booking email: shauna(at)

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