Tom Kimmel’s Early Fall News

1. Greetings… from a one-armed typist (and thank God for voice-to-text)!

Isn’t it amazing how the world can turn on a dime? Three weeks ago a friend and I were cycling along on a lovely Indian Summer afternoon when a little patch of gravel put me in the ER with broken ribs, a bruised lung, separated shoulder and very creepy road rash. Since then I’ve been overwhelmed by the comfort and care of family, friends, church members and neighbors.

Long story short, everything’s gradually healing up, and a week from today a wonderful orthopedic doc will put my shoulder back together. I’ll be good as new… in just a few months(!)


2. News-in-Brief:  Songbook update, video interviews, writing retreats, Ireland tours of the future…

a. Songbook:  My long-in-the-works songbook has been proofed, and the last bit of work at hand (sorting out the licensing agreements with publishers) is underway. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight!

b. TK video interview on YouTube:  Old friend and fan Ray Naylor hosts The Performing Songwriter, a long-running blog/interview series with singer-songwriters.

A few weeks ago Ray recorded a lengthy (38 minutes) video interview with me, during which I perform several songs: The Blue TrainNo One Gets to Heaven (If Anybody Else Is Left Behind)History and We Got It Right This Time.

Ray asks lots of great questions about the nuts and bolts of songwriting, teaching and career building.

FYI, here’s where the songs fall in the interview:

The Blue Train  (intro starts at 9:28, downbeat at 10:18)

No One Gets to Heaven  (intro at 14:38, downbeat at 15:09)

History  (intro at 24:20, downbeat at 25:43)

We Got It Right This Time  (intro at 29:00, downbeat at 29:20)

To watch and listen to the songs and interview on YouTube, click HERE.

c. Ray also recorded an interview with my long-time creative manager Shauna Jamison.

Ray also produces a video series called Promoting Your Creative Passion, and after interviewing me he recorded a short (12 minutes) interview with Shauna, my long time booking agent, press guru and all-around spirit-lifter and guiding hand.

If you’re interested in the work that goes on behind the scenes in the indie/folk world, you will want to check this out. Shauna is quite articulate!

To watch Shauna’s interview on YouTube, click HERE.

c. Tom’s Ireland Tour 2016… & beyond….

My 2016 tour is sold out, and there’s a growing list of folks wanting to come in 2017.

If you’d like to be on our short list for first-come upcoming Ireland tour info, please email us at:


For more on the Ireland trips I host for Inishfree Tours, click HERE and HERE. To see photos from recent tours, click HERE.

d. Writing Retreats & Classes with Tom

June 7-13, 2016, Tom’s Annual Doe Branch Ink Retreat in NC

Next summer from June 7-13 I’ll be hosting my 3rd Annual Doe Branch Ink Songwriting Retreat in the gorgeous mountains of western North Carolina.

Doe Branch Ink is a words-and-music-loving organization that annually sponsors a series of retreats for novelists, poets and songwriters. Past retreats I’ve hosted there have been crazy fun and seriously inspiring!

The retreat is open to songwriters on all levels. Our small group (10 participants max) provides everyone the opportunity to focus in a personalized way.

Affordable tuition includes lodging and all catered meals.

For much more info, click HERE.

Other Cool Totally Cool Workshops & Classes with Tom

November 8, 2015  10am-2pm
Writing Whole Songs Workshop
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
click for more info

January 8-11, 2016
Cape Cod Writers Retreat
—Hosted by David Roth
—Other instructors: Sloan Wainwright, Cosy Sheridan
Provincetown, MA
for more info see Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat on Facebook

January 21-24, 2016
WinterSongs West
Cambria, California
click for more info

February 10-11, 2016
Totally Cool Song School
Tampa FL
click for more info

June 26-July 2, 2016
Writing Retreat on Crete (Greece)
…with Swedish artist Eva Hillered
(details coming soon)

3. Poem of the Month: “Hendrix”

A few weeks ago my poet friend Bob Bradley challenged me to go “5 for 5,” that is, write five poems in five days and post to Facebook. This is one from that batch.


Hendrix ejected me/from my suburban adolescent existence/the tiny intercom speaker/the FM station /softly disobedient/the rest of the family/long in bed

What was that incomprehensible/sex searing bone of a train wreck?

The DJ did NOT back announce the track/what the f**k to do now/sleep?!?

My skeptical mother/drove me/through questionable downtown blocks/to the record store/and the spindly black kid/in green crushed velvet bellbottoms/what can I do for you my man/how white was I?

I tell him/something on the radio/something crazy/something heavy

Heavy? he says/what about this?/pulling Steppenwolf/from the shelf

No not Steppenwolf I say/that’s great/but this was way heavier/WAY heavier

He slides Are You Experienced/from the bin/shakes vinyl from slipcover/to turntable on counter/eases needle onto record

My God it’s Purple Haze/Purple Haze/my GOD in Heaven/Purple Haze/in that instant/my old life is over/dead as a door nail/in a snuff film/A-bomb newsreel/boom resounding through theater floor/piano dropping on sidewalk/ninety car pile up on foggy mountain road/my new world beginning in the foul shape/of an emerging life form/crawling from the soup/to the beach/flexing weird vestigial appendages

4. Recommended: Matt Mahurin’s amazing art

A dear friend recently sent me a link to an inspiring U2 video for their “Song for Someone,” which is directed by visual artist Matt Mahurin.

I’d seen some of Mr. Mahurin’s fine work, so I had the idea to visit his website for more. Holy guacamole, what a cornucopia of hi-res arresting, inspiring and gorgeous images!

Click HERE to wander the incredible gallery.
Click on each image to open a gallery of photos, portraits etc.

And FYI, to watch that very cool U2 video, click HERE.

Thank you to Sanchi Reta for sending the link.

5. Early Fall Food for Thought

“To see the bigger picture we must step outside the frame.”
Stephen Murphy, Irish poet
…from his poem “This Isn’t Just About the Water”

Again, thanks to Reta.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
—George S. Patton, U.S. Army General (1885-1945)

6. Great Song of the Month: “Three Wives” by Hat Check Girl

Don’t you love it when a song compels you to play it over and over, sinking ever deeper into it as you drift through its levels, colors and tones. Such is Three Wives for me. I can’t stop listening—and I don’t want to.

Hat Check Girl is the uber talented duo of Annie Gallup and Peter Gallway. The song is from their fine second album, At 2 in the Morning.

Hear a clip of the song (and other songs on the album) HERE, and visit the Hat Check Girl website HERE.

You’re in for a treat.

7. Booking & Tour Schedule

Interested in booking Tom Kimmel for a concert, lecture, spoken word event or workshop? Or in booking one of Tom’s excellent trios, the Waymores, the New Agrarians or the Sherpas? Visit Tom’s booking page HERE

…and check out his current tour schedule HERE.

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