Tom Kimmel’s Summer 2015 News


1. (Hot as Blazes) Summer Greetings!
2. News-in-Brief: Workshops, Ireland, work & dreams
3. Summer Drawing Board
4. TK Poem of the Month: “Zombies”
5. Perspective: The pace of change on Planet Earth
6. Recommended: Leeanne O’Sullivan, Irish poet extraordinaire
7. Tour Dates

1. Summer Greetings!

Greetings from Mississippi! I’m 5 days home from Ireland and almost re-acclimated to the Mississippi heat. That’s bad! Well maybe not, but the heat index yesterday was 110°—though today it’s cooled to a balmy 99°.  For my Irish friends, 110°F translates to 43°C, so you might want to think about waiting to visit!

So here’s a little news, a poem inspired by a Zombie film, some planetary food for thought, a poetry recommendation, updated concert & workshop dates and more…


2. News-in-Brief: Ireland 2015 / 2016… plus workshops & songwriting retreats

a. My just-finished annual bus tour of Ireland’s wild southwest was brilliant (as they say over there when they like something). Had a lovely, good-hearted, easygoing (and talented) group, and it was great fun co-hosting with dear friend Sue Riley.

b. 2016 Ireland Tour booking NOW!

Yes, we are now taking reservations for a 2016 tour of Counties Cork, Kerry & Clare.

It will run June 10-19, 2016, and all the updated info is at my website HERE.

You’ll also find a FAQ page HERE

…and a gallery of pics from past tours HERE.

c. Now booking 2016 Doe Branch Ink songwriting retreat & other writing workshops… from California to Crete

I’m teaching more and more these days—and loving it.

One of my favorite events the past couple of years has become an annual retreat in North Carolina:

June 5-11, 2016
Tom’s 3rd Annual Songwriting Retreat at Doe Branch Ink
Marshall, NC
click for more info
Note that the retreat is limited to just 8 participants, and we are registration is now open.

You’ll find all the info HERE.

d. Here are several other workshops & retreats I’ve recently scheduled:

August 22, 2016  10am-2pm
Songwriting Workshop
Dublin, OH
click for more info

November 8, 2015  10am-2pm
Writing Whole Songs Workshop
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
click for more info

January 8-11, 2016
Cape Cod Writers Retreat
—Hosted by David Roth
—Other instructors: Sloan Wainwright, Cosy Sheridan
Provincetown, MA
—for more info see Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat on Facebook

January 21-24, 2016
WinterSongs West
Cambria, California
click for more info

February 10-11, 2016
Totally Cool Song School
Tampa FL
click for more info

June 26-July 2, 2016
Writing Retreat on Crete (Greece)
…with Swedish artist Eva Hillered
(details coming soon)

3. Drawing Board


After hitting the road hard for the first half of this year, I’ll be spending more time at home over the next few months, planning to write, record and make as much musical mischief as possible.

4. Poem of the Month


Late night channel surfing
why in hell would I watch
World War Z—the whole thing?

Yet in early light
I‘m oddly at ease
as we now see so few zombies

and most are reinterred during
primary season in advance of
the presidential election.

5. Food for Thought: The Other Inconvenient Truth

On late night dog-walks I often listen to TED Talks podcasts, and a couple nights back this quote got my attention.

“In the last fifty years the human population more than doubled, our use of food and water more than tripled, and our use of fossil fuels more than quadrupled…. In a single lifetime the world has changed more than all human history combined. ”
—Jonathan Foley, Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences

Note: To listen to the podcast, “Finite,” click HERE.

To watch Dr. Foley’s short (17 min) TED Talk on change and sustainability, click HERE.

6. Recommended: Irish poet Leanne O’Sullivan

What a delight to discover her work!

HERE is a lovely short video of Ms. O’Sullivan reading several of her poems. It is, I think, an excellent introduction.

For more on Leanne O’Sullivan, click HERE.  And HERE.

(Thanks to Gerry O’Beirne for sending me her way.)

7. TK (& trios) Tour Dates, Workshop Dates etc.

Click HERE to open Tour Dates page.



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