Tom Kimmel’s May 2015 News


1. May Greetings!
2. News-in-Brief: June North Carolina songwriting retreat (couple of seats left!), Ireland-in-July (ONE seat left!), plus sweet New Agrarians concert review & video
3. TK Poem of the Month: “Island Haiku”
4. Food for Thought: Tom Waits, Samuel Johnson & Keith Richards on writing
5. Perspective: Galileo and the price of big ideas

1. May Greetings!

I’m writing you from San Diego International Airport, about to depart for home in Mississippi after 10 days of enjoyable work in California.

Airports are good for certain things, like typing up newsletters, returning calls and napping on the floor.

FYI I have an airport napping system:

I find a wall or corner at a deserted gate, put my carry-on bag under my head, my guitar case under my feet, my alarm clock (my phone) on my chest. I pull my pull my cap down over my eyes… and who cares what it looks like?

“Mommy, look at that man on the floor over there.”

“Stay away from him, honey.”

Sleep on the road is a precious commodity!

2. News-in-Very-Brief

a. Doe Branch Ink Songwriting Retreat in N. Carolina, June 7-13

A couple of seats are still available.

I LOVE teaching and sharing songwriting—and an intimate, relaxed retreat is my FAVORITE setting for it. Last year’s Doe Branch Ink retreat was so fine that I’m hosting it again. If you feel the tug, we still have a little room.

(Note: the retreat is for writers at all levels. It’a all about the process, wherever we are in it, and our small group allows for a very personalized experience.)

For more info click HERE.

b. Ireland Tour-with-Tom July 15-24

One seat on the bus left!

This is the highlight of my year, and as I write this we have ONE seat left on our bus. It’s hard  for me to over-hype this trip, it’s so soulful, entertaining, educational and moving. This year we’ll explore the gorgeous southwest coastal counties. For an overview, click HERE. For a FAQ page, click HERE. And to view pics from past trips click HERE.

c. I love all 3 trios I work with: the Sherpas (with Tom Prasada-Rao & Michael Lille), the Waymores (with Don Henry & Sally Barris) and the New Agrarians (with Pierce Pettis & Kate Campbell). The New Ags played an album release show in Georgia in February, and a recent issue of No Depression featured a glowing review that includes a link to a low-res video of the entire concert. To check it out, click HERE.

3. Poem of the Month

“Island Haiku”

The bellhop on the
landing, smiling, calls to me,
It’s going to be

a beautiful day,
man. Don’t sell it like I did.
You know? Don’t sell it.

July 2005

4. May Food for Thought

“The world is a hellish place, and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering.”
-Tom Waits, singer-songwriter, actor, composer (b. 1949)

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”
-Samuel Johnson, poet, essayist, critic (1709-1784)

“If you can write one song, you can write nine hundred. They’re there.”
-Keith Richards, musician, songwriter and singer (b. 1943)

5. Perspective

In the spring of 1633 Galileo Galilei was put on trial by the Inquisition for espousing the theory that the Earth revolves around the sun. He agreed to plead guilty in exchange for an unlimited period of house arrest. He gradually went blind and died in 1641. The Catholic Church formally declared that Galileo’s views on the solar system are correct… in 1992!

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