Tom Kimmel’s New Year 2015 News


1. Old Year Salute, New Year Greetings!
2. News-in-Brief: So long 2014, TK writing retreat dates, 2015 See-Ireland-with-TK dates
3. Drawing Board 2015
4. TK Poem of the Month: French Bulldog
5. Recommended: EASY self-improvement for the New Year (Honest!)
6. Perspective: A perfect one-line prayer from my mother

1. Holiday & New Year Greetings from Mississippi!

On a cold, rainy day at the end of the year, what I most want to say is…

THANK YOU for reading, listening, coming to shows & workshops… and for befriending me along the way. I can’t tell you what it means to me. I could not work, play or do my job without you.

And, of course, Happy New Year!

2. News-in-Brief

a. 2015 Songwriting Retreat with Tom

I’ll be leading my Second Annual Doe Branch Ink Songwriting Retreat June 7-13, 2015. Last year’s retreat went so well that retreat host Jim Roberts said afterward, “Hey you should do one of these here every year.”

(Boy did he open a can of worms!)

This is an intimate (10 participants max), hands-on, write-share-learn-and-celebrate retreat. I relish these opportunities and so look forward to July’s retreat in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

The retreat is open to songwriters on all levels. For the whole scoop, click HERE.

b. 2015 Ireland Tours Booking Now

When summer rolls around I’ll again be hosting tours of gorgeous southwest Ireland.

Tour #1 (co-hosted with Sue Riley) will be July 15-24, and…

Tour #2 will run July 28-Aug 6.

Both tours will explore Counties Cork, Kerry & Clare—my very favorite parts of Ireland.

Bringing friends and fans to Ireland is the highlight of my year!

All the info is HERE and HERE.

3. Drawing Board for 2015

Feels like I’ve been behind the curve for some time on all things solo, so in 2015 my intention is to put a little less on my plate and focus on…

  • making a new solo recording
  • putting out a 20 song songbook for guitar and piano

4. TK Poem of the Month

Not a holiday theme, but here’s a brand new one.

French Bulldog

My next-door neighbors
have a French Bulldog
and when you think about it
that’s a damn silly kind of dog
to have down here.

For one thing
they are hypersensitive to heat
which means they probably
can’t even ride along
to the grocery store except
maybe in the middle of winter.

And also because
they’re really expensive.
It’s crazy!
They’re so expensive
and so sensitive
you never see cheap puppy mills
crammed with French Bulldogs
—and for darn good reason.
They’re weenies!

They’re awfully cute though.
I have to admit.

Apologies to Heather & Alex and Holly & John for poetic license. (Hey, they’re adorable.)

5. Recommended: EASY Self-Support for the New Year

A couple of fast, FREE easy activities have helped me stay semi-sane through the past few weeks and months:

a. Somewhere I read that Google employees were recently encouraged to take a 2 minute break every day to write down (or tell someone) what they’re grateful for—and to commit to doing it for 21 days. I thought, “What a great idea—two minutes. I can do that.”

I’m finding, however, that those 2 minutes are quite significant. Now when my little phone reminder goes off I’m eager to begin. Highly recommended.

Today my entry begins, “I am grateful for… everyone who emails me after reading one of my newsletters.”

b. Lumosity

Lumosity is a brain-training website and app that purports to make your brain work better. I tried the free version for awhile, and I do believe it works. For example, my short term memory has noticebly improved.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the paid version ($5/mo) gives you more games & exercises, but there’s no expiration date for a free account. That’s really all need to see if it suits you.

Check it out:

6. Perspective

My dear mother departed this world on Thanksgiving Day, and I was blessed to be one of her caregivers during her last weeks and months. My New Year now feels very much like My New Life, and of late I’ve been holding in mind a tiny prayer she taught me years ago…

“Dear God of second chances and new beginnings, here I am again.”

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