Tom Kimmel’s Early Summer News


1. Greetings from the Sunshine State!
2. News-in-a-nutshell
3. TK Poem of the Month: “5 to 1”
4. Food for Thought: David Whyte, Jo Nesbo & Sigmund Freud on doubt & belief
5. Recommended: a soundtrack, a website and a cheap rental car tip
6. Great Songs of the Month: 2 hot vintage singles for summer!
7. TK (& trios) Summer Booking

1. Greetings!

All hail from the Sunshine State, where tonight I’m playing my last gig of a months-long run of roadwork. Now I’ll be changing gears as I prep for my annual Europe trip coming in mid-July.

Hey it’s officially summer! Hope everyone is cool, calm and collected as we all breeze ahead.

2. The Very Brief News: Solo & trio work

a. No solo headline-type news at the moment as most off-road work of late has been of the behind-the-scenes, foundation-laying variety: writing for (or singing on) other artists recordings, speculative writing for film, and planning future work that will allow me more time with my sweet, fragile mother and family in Mississippi.

(More on all that as specifics develop.)

b. The Waymores and New Agrarians are on hiatus for the summer. I very much look forward to more trio work in the fall.

BTW the Waymores debut album continues to get radio play around the country after rising as high as #3 on the Folk DJ chart in February. You can listen, buy or download it HERE or at iTunes et al.

AND brand new pre-release copies of the soulful New Agrarians debut album are available via Paypal HERE.

(For late August Sherpas TX gig info and September Waymores Nashville outdoor show, see Tour Dates HERE.)

3. TK Poem of the Month

Crisscrossing the country on tour and passing through town after town, I’m often reminded of the still-vast gulf between have and have-not in our country. That recently brought to mind an old song of mine from an out-of-print album. The lyric is something of a poem, so I’m dusting it off to share here.

“5 to 1”

Well I took a little spin through the old side of town
I went to see if things had maybe changed somehow
Cause everybody’s saying how a change is due
I guess I went to see if I’m changing too

The Greyhound station is a place to eat
And new shops open up and down the street
But just around the corner it’s a loaded gun
And bums over hookers maybe 5 to 1

Yeah the line at the mission’s still a good block long
It’s a juke box loaded with the same old songs
It sounds no better this time around
It hurt some then, it hurts some now

And you can hear them singing
Lean on me, then let me lean on you
We’re gonna go down swinging if it’s all we do
We’ll fall here trying like it’s our last stand
Or cross this river to the promised land

A fresh coat’s painted on the old high school
But it doesn’t really hide what the girl’s been through
And just around the corner where we used to run
It’s bars on the windows when the day is done

Yeah it’s bars over churches maybe 5 to 1
I don’t see how a lot of saving gets done
Is all this talk of turning old to new
A back beat rhythm for the old soft shoe

You can hear them singing
Lean on me, then let me lean on you
We’re gonna go down swinging if it’s all we do
We’ll fall here trying like it’s our last stand
Or cross this river to the promised land

The trains from the city kind of fade away
The cops hit the street to keep the merchandise safe
A black cat’s shadow of a night’s begun
A real homecoming for a native son

Well I took a little spin through the old side of town
I went to see if things had maybe changed somehow
Cause everybody’s calling this a dream come true
I guess I went to see if I’m dreaming too

words & music: Tom Kimmel
©1986 Criterion Music Corp/Morrissette Music (ASCAP)

4. Food for Thought

So much ruckus is publicly raised about of faith, doubt and belief these days. It’s tiresome! With that in mind, I found these provocative quotes.

“Doubt is faith’s shadow. If you are unable to doubt you can’t be a believer.”
-Jo Nesbo, author (b. 1960)

“Wanting soul life without the dark, warming intelligence of personal doubt is like expecting an egg without the brooding heat of the mother hen.”
–David Whyte, poet (b. 1955)

“Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity.”
-Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst (1856-1939)

5. Recommended: Great soundtrack, wacko-email debunking aid, cheap rental cars!

a. Grand Budapest Hotel: Soundtrack

You won’t find this CD at Walmart or Target, but it’s well worth tracking down if you like wildly creative, quirky, energetic music to get you going (or keep you awake on a long drive).

Thirty-two short tracks of delightful weirdness in the spirit of the film. At Amazon HERE. Or download it most anywhere.

b. Helpful tool for debunking the blizzard of scary chain email many of us receive: !

For example, if your mother asks you if it’s true that senior citizens will be put to death under Obamacare, you can visit Snopes, find a helpful page HERE, and respond appropriately.

It’s that easy!

c. Cheap rental cars via Costco Travel Club

Yes, you have to be a Costco member, but your first rental will likely save you the annual membership fee ($55).

Plus… even though there’s no Costco store in many towns—Tupelo MS, for example—you can rent online and pick up the car locally (like the Budget desk at the Tupelo airport).

Check out the Travel Club HERE.

6. Great Songs of the Month: Killer classic summer singles

“Summer in the City”
Writers: John Sebastian, Mark Sebastian & Steve Boone
Artist: Lovin’ Spoonful
From the album: Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful
(Kama Sutra Records/1966)
Produced by: Erik Jacobsen

I was 15 when the single was released July 4, 1966. We’d just moved from Alabama to North Carolina and were living in a hotel. I cranked up the radio every time it played.)

“Summertime Blues”
Writers: Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart
Artist: Blue Cheer
From the album: Vincebus Eruptum
(Philips Records/1968)
Produced by: Abe “Voco” Kesh

Co-written and recorded by the great Eddie Cochran in 1958, the version I’ll never forget is Blue Cheer’s. Early hard-rockin’, head-bangin’ delight!

Both tracks are available at iTunes and other outlets, or you can stream them for free if you have the free Spotify app on your computer, smart phone or tablet. (Visit to easily download and install. Then you can search by song title or artist.)

Please note that iTunes and Spotify license the material they feature.

8. Booking & Tour Schedule

Interested in booking Tom Kimmel for…

  • solo concert, lecture or workshop?

Visit Tom’s booking page HERE.

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