Tom Kimmel’s June 2013 News

1. June Greetings!

2. News: One (count ‘em,1) Ireland space now available; Team Tupelo gets real; Waymores & New Agrarians updates

3. June Food for Thought: Baseball wisdom for everybody

4. Poem of the Month: “Empire State” (mini-memoir)

5. Recommended: Something out of the ordinary

6. Note to Promoters & Concert Hosts

1. Greetings!

June. June! Is it not the fairest of all months? By now, here in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is arriving in her warm green finery almost everywhere. Come to think of it, I did once play an outdoor show in Michigan in June when the temperature dipped into the upper 30’s. But still.

One of my favorite things about June is flip-flops, full time. Flip-flops! And now there’s scientific evidence they are good for the feet. According to a recent study by the National Human Genome Research Institute, we humans have up to 80 varieties of fungi living on the heel of the foot, another 60 types between the toes, and as many as 40 more varieties on the toenails. I kid you not.

So celebrate June and let your pups breathe. It keeps the fungi at bay. Welcome!

2. News: ONE SEAT (1) is open on August Ireland tour; Team Tupelo update; New Agrarians & Waymores updates

a) Ireland Tour: One (1), count ‘em, seat now available!

Here’s the deal: I just learned that one (1) very nice woman on my Ireland tour is looking to share a room, so we now have space in our group for one (1) more adventurous female person. If you’ve felt the tug and are open to sharing a hotel room with an extra-nice, low maintenance type person, this message is for you. To inquire further, contact our tour manager Vicki Belinoski by clicking HERE to send her an email.

[That should lead you to this email address: vbelinoski(at)]

This year’s tour runs August 21-30, and we’ll be visiting Counties Cork, Clare and Kerry. For more info on the trip click HERE and HERE.

b) Team Tupelo

Lord have mercy, my crazy idea of assembling a small team of patrons to fund my new solo album project (and then look over my shoulder while I record it) is now a reality.

I’ll be spending most of the summer down in Tupelo, Mississippi (birthplace of Elvis and home to my closest kin), and while I’m there I’ll be recording the album in my newly mobile studio.

If you’re interested in joining Team Tupelo or would just like to read more about the project, click HERE. I am open to slightly expanding the size of our group up until the time I actually hit the record button, which now looks to be about 2 weeks away.

And extra-special thanks to all Team Tupelo members. You’re making it possible for me to pull off this musical science fair project, and that means more to me than I can say.

c) New Agrarians update

We just OK-ed the cover of our debut album, and we’re waiting on the rest of the artwork. When that’s done, we (Kate CampbellPierce Pettis, me) will press the album and begin a pre-release promotion, followed by a full release in early fall. It’s a unique project for me and two of my favorite singer/writer/artists, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

d) Waymores update

We are presently touring and raising funds for a round of national radio promo for our debut album.

Our recent songwriting workshop and performances at the Wildflower Festival in Texas were a big success (and big fun). We (Don HenrySally Barris and me) also had a wonderful SRO album release show last week here in Nashvegas at the world famous Bluebird Café.

(THIS WEEK we’ll be in Atlanta, Huntsville and Birmingham on Thu, Fri & Sat, and the following weekend we’ll be playing in Memphis and Tupelo. For ALL my summer tour dates, see my tour sched below.)

3. June Food for Thought: Baseball wisdom for everybody

“Baseball is not a game where you want to hold your head down. That’s the reason why God put a good night’s sleep between two bad days.”

-Marquis Donnell “Bo” Porter, Houston Astros Baseball Manager (b. 1972)

“Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

-George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Jr., Hall of Fame Baseball Player (1895-1948)

“Don’t worry, the fans don’t start booing until July.”

-Earl Sidney Weaver, Hall of Fame Baseball Manager (1930-2013)

4. TK Poem of the Month: A mini-memoir

Empire State

When my sister Molly graduated from college, she and a friend took a trip around the country, making a big circle from south to north, east to west, down the west coast and home again.

When they visited New York City, a trip to the top of the Empire State Building was high on their list. They wandered the streets of Manhattan in amazement, and when they found the Empire State Building they took the long ride up the elevators to the observation deck. It was a clear day, and they put quarters in the telescopes and surveyed the promising world spread at their feet. Then my sister looked around and was shocked to see a young man a few feet away wearing a Tom Kimmel Band t-shirt.

“Oh my God!” she said to him. “I’ve never been to New York before. Never been to the Empire State Building. Never been standing on this spot. And here I look around and see a guy wearing a Tom Kimmel Band t-shirt. I can’t believe it! I’m Tom Kimmel’s sister!

“Who’s Tom Kimmel?” the guy said. “Somebody left this at my apartment.”

(For more TK poems or to purchase his book, The Sweetest and the Meanest, click HERE. You can also buy The Sweetest and the Meanest at your local bookstore.)

5. Recommended for June

I’ve been scratching my head for some album or book or movie or unusual mechanical or electronic gizmo I can endorse this month, and darn if I’ve come up with anything.

So here’s what I recommend for June:

-Taking a walk in the cool early summer morning

-Feeding the pigeons or the squirrels or the chickens

-Having lunch on the porch

-Putting off running the air conditioner and turning on the fan instead

-Enjoying Mama’s cooking, even if it’s not exactly health food

-Reading something printed on paper in the morning before checking email on the computer or cell phone

-Going to a Little League baseball game

-Bringing home a kitten from the shelter

-Saying thank you over and over and over for every little kindness that comes our way


We’re booking shows, lectures, workshops, retreats and book readings with great gusto.

For solo TK booking, or to book one of Tom’s trios, *The Waymores, **The New Agrarians or ***The Sherpas, contact:

Shauna Jamison

(Shauna is sharp, efficient and a great pleasure to work with. She’ll make it happen.)

*The Waymores: TK, Sally Barris, Don Henry
**The New Agrarians: TK, Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis
***The Sherpas: TK, Tom Prasada-Rao, Michael Lille

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