Tom Kimmel’s May 2013 News

1. May Greetings!
2. News: Team Tupelo takes shape, Ireland notes, Waymores & New Agrarians updates
3. Seasonal Food for Thought: Churchill, Henry Miller & Irish wisdom on growing
4. Poem of the Month: “Born”
5. Recommended: Jazz for spring
6. Note to Promoters & Concert Hosts

1. Greetings!

Just back this afternoon from playing a show in the gorgeous Texas hill country, and it was the sweetest – sweet like mango, like soul food, like medicine – the best kind of sweet. And I drove 14 hours to get there and 14 hours back home. Crazy, I know. If one is sensible it makes no sense.

I told my therapist once that if I was a small business it would make sense to shut me down. He said it’s a mistake for an artist to look at his work that way. Of course that was exactly what I needed to hear, and I loved him for it. Even if it made no sense.

2. News: Team Tupelo taking shape, full bus for Ireland tour, New Agrarians & Waymores updates

a) Team Tupelo

I hatched the crazy idea of assembling a small team of patrons to support and join with me as I make a new solo album. Team members—now called Team Tupelo (since I’ll be doing much of the recording down in Tupelo, Mississippi in my newly mobile studio)—will fund the project and also follow my recording progress day to day… via mp3 mixes, a studio diary and short videos I’ll post. And if they like, team members will even be able to share with me their thoughts and feedback about the recordings as the album takes shape.

There’s still room on the team for 3-4 more participants if that idea sounds appealing to you. To read more, click HERE. It will be a truly unique way to make a record, and I’m excited about it.

b) TK Ireland Group Tour 2013: All seats filled!

All seats on the Irish tour bus are now filled for my August friends-fans-and-family-back roads-tour of southwest Ireland. We do have a waiting list in the event of a cancellation, so if you’d like to add your name to that short list click HERE to send an email to Ireland tour manager extraordinaire Vicki Belinoski.

And if you’d like more info on a typical tour, click HERE to visit my Ireland webpage. I’ll be taking another group next summer (2014).

c) New Agrarians update

Just received a draft of the cover art for our debut album, and it’s lovely. The album’s mastered and ready-to-press. We (Kate CampbellPierce Pettis, me) will begin a pre-release promotion shortly, with a full release planned for the fall. I’ll be keeping you posted.

BTW we’ve got an updated website in the works. To view a clip from one of our first shows, visit HERE.

d) Waymores update

We are presently touring and raising funds for a round of national radio promo for our debut album. Recent shows have been extra-tight and fun, and we’ve attained an ease with groove and harmony that comes only after playing many concerts together.

Next up for our trio (that’s Don HenrySally Barris and me): leading a day-long songwriting workshop and performing at the top-notch Wildflower Festival in Texas. (It’s one of my all time favorite gigs.)

3. Food for Thought: Things grow in the springtime.

“You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.”
-Irish proverb

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.”
-Henry Miller, author (1891-1980)

“The maxim “Nothing but perfection” may be spelled “p-a-r-a-l-y-s-i-s.”
-Winston Churchill, author and statesman (1874-1965)

4. TK Poem of the Month


After the show
my cousins stay for a drink.

I sure enjoyed those songs,
said Mary Rob,

but they made me
so homesick.

Well, said Malinda,
we can all thank God
we were born in Alabama.

I said, You know, Malinda,
I was born in Memphis.

Now Tommy, she said.
You couldn’t help that.

(For more TK poems or to purchase his book, The Sweetest and the Meanest, click HERE. You can also buy The Sweetest and the Meanest at your local bookstore.)

5. Recommended for April: Jazz for Spring

I’ll admit that I don’t know squat about Jazz, but here are 5 jazz records I’ve been enjoying of late. I think they’re keeping me in sync with this season of reinvention and rebirth.

a) Holly Yarborough, Mr. Rogers Swings!

It sounds crazy, but this album of jazz arrangements of Mr. Rogers songs is wonderful! No kidding, it’s a terrific record: so very imaginative, fresh and fine. Check it out HERE.

To hear a high quality sample track at YouTube click HERE.

b) Julie Capili, Passing Fancies

Julie included my song “Spiral Arms” (written with Lisa Aschmann) on this album, and, simply put, it’s a honor to be included.

To listen or purchase, click HERE.

…or at iTunes.

c) Jeff Franzel, Taken By Surprise

Jeff’s been my most frequent writing partner over the past 15 years. We’ve worked in a variety of styles, but at his core Jeff’s a top notch jazz pianist. After playing with scores of other artists, he’s made a real Jeff-plays-his-own-jazz album. And it’s a fine one.

To visit his site, click HERE.

To buy or hear music clips, click HERE.

d) Heather Rigdon, Young & Naive

Heather’s an old friend, and she covered a couple of my co-writes when she recorded this debut album, including the title song, which I wrote with Heather and her producer Cliff Goldmacher. She also does a KILLER version here of “My Mother Would Like You” (which I co-wrote with Cliff).

First time I heard Heather sing you could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

To check it out or download, click HERE.

e) Dexter Gordon, Ballads

Ever have one of those albums you keep giving away and thus have to replace… over and over? This is one of those for me.


…or at Amazon or iTunes.

To listen to a sample track from “Ballads,” click HERE.


We’re booking shows, lectures, workshops, retreats and book readings like nobody’s business. Let’s do it!

For solo TK booking, or to book one of Tom’s trios, *The Waymores, **The New Agrarians or ***The Sherpas, contact:

Shauna Jamison

(Shauna is sharp, efficient and a great pleasure to work with. She’ll make it happen.)

*The Waymores: TK, Sally Barris, Don Henry
**The New Agrarians: TK, Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis
***The Sherpas: TK, Tom Prasada-Rao, Michael Lille

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