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*Team Tupelo: An Interactive Funding & Recording Experience

Dear Friends & Fans,

Getting an album made these days poses particular challenges for most indie artists. You may be familiar with Kickstarter and Kapipal and similar fundraising operations, and using those services has worked very well for some artists.

My trio The Waymores, for example, used Kapipal to help finance mixing and mastering our debut album. For my last solo album I invited investors who made a small profit by supporting my album.

The fact is, it’s high time I recorded a new solo album, and I need support for it. Thus lately I’ve been “dream-storming” about how to finance it, and I’ve come up with what I think is a unique proposal.

As you may know, CDs don’t sell like they used to. Downloading, streaming, internet radio, illegal file swapping and the trend among younger listeners to buy single songs at iTunes are likely factors. And yet, for most of us indie artists, it’s very necessary that we make new albums in order to get booked—not to mention the fact that the process of writing and recording nourishes our creative spirits!

So what I have in mind this time around is forming a small team of patrons who will be a part of a new solo recording from Day One.

Each team member will contribute a set, significant amount of money at the outset of the project. In exchange I will share with the team EVERYTHING I record during course of the project, DAY BY DAY, by posting semi-daily mixes of what I’m working on to a shared Dropbox folder.

I’ll also keep a studio diary and a video journal of the project, periodically adding short clips to our shared folder.

Finally, team members will be welcome to email me their feedback as recording progresses. I actually think this could be helpful to me because sometimes it’s hard to maintain perspective when working alone.

If this arouses your curiosity and you would like details of my proposal, email me by clicking HERE. I’ll respond right away. Your inquiry in no way obligates you to participate. The whole notion of exploring this approach is a grand experiment for me!

Peace to All,


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