Tom Kimmel March 2013 News

1. Greetings (from Boston)!
2. Special: Explore Ireland with Tom this August
3. News: Back to Denmark, plus New Agrarians & Waymores updates
4. Drawing Board: Songbook, solo album
5. Food for Thought: Hornsby (Rogers, not Bruce), Camus, Neruda
6. Poem of the Month: “Moments”
7. Recommended: Happy feet

1. Greetings (from Boston’s Logan Airport)

Back in my pre-salad days I drove a cab in Newport, Rhode Island, which is 70 miles southwest of here. Every now and then someone would need to get from Newport to Boston in a hurry, and the dispatcher would call for “Anchor 10” (me). And boy oh boy, that was like Christmas coming early. Big fare–and generally a big tip…

I love Boston. Colorful people, loads of artists, all those colleges, music out the wazoo, and of course, the Red Sox!

Well the Sox are in Ft. Myers, FL right now for Spring Training–but of course that means spring is just around the corner.

Come on spring! And welcome everyone!

2. Special: Explore Ireland with Tom this August!

Looks like all seats on this year’s Ireland tour bus will be FILLED sooner than later, so if you’ve felt the tug to join me and my crew for an Irish adventure, consider this your personal invitation.

Words fail to describe the beauty and magic in a trip like this. Every opportunity to spend time in Ireland’s soulful countryside is for me a profound blessing.

Our 2013 tour will run August 21-30. We’ll be visiting Counties Cork, Clare and Kerry, exploring natural, cultural and historical wonders by day… and listening to amazing Irish musicians at night. For an overview of the tour, click HERE. To see a FAQ page, click HERE. For photos from recent tours click HERE and HERE.

And for a short essay I’ve written about a magical evening in County Cork, click HERE.

3. News

a) Return to Denmark

My pal Brett Perkins has invited me to perform late next summer at the 5th Annual Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. This will be my first visit to Denmark in several years, and I’m really excited about it. Denmark is a special place, and I’ve forged strong friendships with some very talented people there. (Thanks to Brett for making it happen.)

For info on the festival, click HERE.

b) New Agrarians debut album on the horizon

I’ve been brainstorming with fellow trio members Kate Campbell and Pierce Pettis on how best to release and introduce our newly finished album. We’re proud of this record and pumped to share it. Stay tuned…

c) Waymores off to Canada, new album promo coming

The Waymores, my other touring trio of renown, will be making our first foray into Canada for shows later this month.

I’ve never played Saskatoon–Saskatoon!–but it’ll be one of our stops. BTW the high temp today in Saskatoon will be 18 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low 1 degree. (Now there’s a single digit for you.) But hey we’re playing indoors.

The Waymores: the lovely, inimitable Sally Barris; the squirrelly, brilliant Don Henry… et moi.

BTW we will also sending our debut album out to radio soon. Extremely exciting.

4. Drawing Board for 2013

a) Publishing my long-in-the-works TK Songbook

b) Recording a new solo record

I feel like the boy who cried wolf, but they’re both going to happen. I promise. Again. (As Ray Wiley Hubbard would say, “This time I really mean it!”)

5. Food for Thought

People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.
–Rogers Hornsby, baseball legend (1896-1963)

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
–Albert Camus, author (1913-1960)

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
–Pablo Neruda, poet (1904-1973)

6. TK Poem of the Month


Life on the road has its moments/like this one/take this chair/it’s comfortable/especially if I sit sideways /it catches my lower back, like this/so I can settle in and read my book/this excellent book /that I’ve looked forward to reading all day

Our show was this afternoon/and we had an early dinner at a local place /so I’m off work for the day/and no long drive until morning/and what so you know/I have my own room this time

This place was once a Holiday Inn/you can tell/a coat of paint does wonders/not everything, but wonders/and they have fresh fruit at the desk/and the staff is friendly/and newspapers are free/OK it’s USA Today, but it’s free/and Wi-Fi is free/as it often is in cheap hotels/and why is it that it’s free in the cheap hotels/but the expensive ones/charge you ten bucks a day?

I’ve saved a miniature of Irish whiskey/and will sip it from a coffee mug/in a hot bath/no plastic cup for me tonight

and look at that king size bed/hard as a rock, like I like it/and six pillows, count them/3 soft and 3 hefty ones/what more could you ask?

On a night like this/I promise myself I won’t complain/about the road again/I won’t say it’s a grind/I won’t say/they pay me to travel/I play for free/I won’t say if I’d only taken that job working for/the (bank-government-university-whatever)/I’d be retired by now

because the road has its moments/and a night like this/is filled with them/stuffed with them/made of them

On a night like this/when the show was sweet/and the bath is hot/the mattress firm/the book satisfying/and there is one whiskey in the bottom of the bag/the thing makes sense/the job feels right/and the whole world can sleep until morning

7. Recommended: Happy feet

a. Merrell Bare Access shoes (That’s right, I’m recommending SHOES this month.)

A stylish old girlfriend of mine had a saying, “Fashion before function.” And Lord knows, I’m all for a little style and grace. That is, except when it comes to my feet.

I was in yet another airport the other day, and I said to the guy next to me, “Sir, those look like comfortable shoes.”

“They most certainly are,” he said. “They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.”

“And what brand are they, pray tell?” I said.

“Why, kind sir,” he said, “they are Merrell Barefoot Bare Access shoes.”

I’d seen those weird gloves-on-the-feet barefoot shoes and wondered about them, but these look more like regular shoes. Thing is, they have very thin soles and almost no heel, so they’re a lot like walking around barefoot… or in space age moccasins.

Plus you can wash these guys in the washer… and they breathe… and my feet never, ever hurt after I’ve worn them all day.  Never, which is a miracle.

More than that, I think something really good has happened to me since I’ve started wearing them almost full time. I FEEL the ground beneath me, and my body seems somehow more relaxed. My posture’s improved, my gait is smoother. I’m more relaxed, I’m sure of it.

Of course the damn things are made in China, and that’s regrettable, but I’ll make that deal with the devil for now and keep my eyes open for local options.

One word of caution: Merrell makes several styles of “barefoot” shoes (Barefoot Bare Access, Barefoot Vapor Glove, Barefoot Road Glove, etc.), and they don’t all fit the same, so try them out in your local shoe store.

And if you buy online, I recommend Zappos. The president of Zappos doesn’t have a fancy office. He sits at a desk on the warehouse floor with everybody else.

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