Tom Kimmel January 2013 News

1. Happy New Year… (briefly)!
2. Special: Tour Ireland with Tom in August
3. News: New Agrarians CD mastered! Waymores dreams!
4. 2013 Drawing Board: The year ahead…
5. New Year Wisdom (courtesy of my mother)
6. Poem of the Month: (special famous guest poet)
7. Recommended: Oatmeal (really, check this out)
8. Note to Promoters & Concert Hosts

1. Happy New Year!

Hey Y’all, seems like everybody has hit the ground running in 2013 with a great big whoosh, so I’ll be extra brief.

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! Man, what a grand adventure we’re on together. (And right now here in Nashville it’s a rainy cold one.)

Second, here’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

2. Special: Tour Ireland with me in August!

I’ll be taking another group of friends and fans to Ireland this coming August, and I’d love for you to join me.

I was talking to an Irishman yesterday about how AT HOME I feel in his country, and I did not have to explain myself. A visit to Ireland is not just a vacation. It’s an adventure, a spiritual retreat, a quest for our roots, a natural history course… and a festival of the senses.

My 2013 tour will run August 21-30, and we’ll be visiting Counties Cork, Clare and Kerry—my favorite places in the country. For more info, click HERE and HERE.

(And because a picture is worth a thousand words, HERE are some great photos from my 2011 group tour, and HERE are pics from 2012 tour.)

3. News

a. The New Agrarians album is mastered and ready for pressing, and I’m holding the master in my hand. (OK it’s on the table beside me.) Pierce Pettis, Kate Campbell and I are so looking forward to sharing it with you.

We love the album, and we’re planning to cast a net, start a buzz and find some support for a wide release and promotion… with a limited release in a few weeks. More on that next month.

b. The Waymores’ debut album’s “official” release is now being scheduled for the spring. The CD is already available at our live shows, at our website and at, but (God willing) we will launch that all-important press and radio campaign soon.  Initial feedback on it’s been outstanding. Therefore we (Sally Barris, Don Henry and me) are forging ahead on all fronts.

c. Tomorrow I’m off to Orlando for the 8th Annual emPower Music Festival. I’ll be teaching several writing classes at the song school, doing some co-writing… and playing Sleuth’s Theater in Orlando after the fest.

To check out the festival/conference click HERE

To view my complete winter/spring tour sched, see below or click HERE.

4. Drawing Board for 2013

a. Publishing my long-in-the-works TK Songbook
b. Recording a new solo record

5. New Year Wisdom

A few years ago my mother sent me a simple little prayer that I put on my bedroom mirror, and I’ve come back to it countless times. It’s appropriate for the New Year, I think. At least it is for my New Year, so I’m sharing it with you. (I don’t know who authored it, but I’d like to thank them.)

“Dear God of second chances and new beginnings, here I am again.”

6. TK Poem of the Month

I’m feeling a little dry at present, so this month I’ll feature a guest poet named Homer. No, not Simpson, but the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

(My dear friend Miss June King gave me a book of poems about music, and this one says it all for me. Thank you, Miss June.)

From “The Oddyssey”

So sang the bard illustrious; then his robe
Of purple dye with both hands o’er his head
Ulysses drew, behind its ample folds
Veiling his face, through fear to be observed
By the Phaeacians weeping at the song;
And ever as the bard harmonious ceased,
He wiped his tears, and, drawing from his brows
The mantle, pour’d libation to the Gods.
And when the Chiefs (for they delighted heard
Those sounds) solicited again the bard,
And he renew’d the strain, then cov’ring close
His count’nance, as before, Ulysses wept.

Homer (ca. 8th century BC)
Translated by William Cowper, poet and composer (1731-1800)

7. Recommended: Fast, healthy hot breakfast options (on the road or at home)

I know, hot cereal is b-o-r-i-n-g, but here are three reasons I’m recommending hot cereal this month:

-It’s winter, and I’m cold.
-Every health guru in the world says, “Don’t skip breakfast.”
-I’ve found a couple of fast, very tasty options:

a) For super fast: Rachel Ray Oat Tastically Good Instant Hot Cereal

If you’re really in a hurry, add boiling water. Stir. Eat. Go. All whole grains–oats, wheat, barley, rye, flax, not too sweet, and it’s truly delicious. Only 160 calories, and you feel like you’ve eaten something. I recommend the Maple Drizzle.

b. Still fast, if you’ve got 5 minutes to prep the night before: McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal

Simply the best hot cereal, but until recently I rarely made it till recently because it takes a half hour to cook, and I’d forget till I was near starving. HOWEVER, my friend Tom Belinoski pointed out that if you bring your oats to a boil the night before and stir well, you can cover the pot and leave on the stove overnight. Then in the morning you just heat-stir-and-eat! Like instant. Changed my life.

I really should be doing oatmeal ads:

I’m sitting in front of a cozy fireplace wearing a plaid shirt, cat in my lap, and I say, “Hi I’m Tom Kimmel. Are you one of millions of Americans who skip breakfast? Well you don’t have to. Let me tell you about how fast and easy a healthy breakfast can be….”


We’re cranking on the New Year, so let’s do it!

For solo TK booking, or to book *The Waymores, **The New Agrarians or ***The Sherpas, contact:

Shauna Jamison

(Shauna is sharp, efficient and a great pleasure to work with. She’ll make it happen.)

*The Waymores: TK, Sally Barris, Don Henry
**The New Agrarians: TK, Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis
***The Sherpas: TK, Tom Prasada-Rao, Michael Lille

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