Tom Kimmel’s November 2012 News

1. Greetings!
2. Tour Ireland with me in August 2013 (plus new Ireland tour pics)
3. News: Songbook proofs in hand(!), Waymores and New Agrarians album updates
4. Drawing Board: Solo album stepping to the plate
5. Food for Thought: William Shakespeare and Jay Leno on Thanksgiving
6. Poem (Very Short Story) of the Month: “Flight 785”
7. Perspective: Our incredibly fast changing world
8. Recommended for November: Miracle Balls (Yes, Miracle Balls.)

1. Greetings!

I’ve just arrived home to Nashville from my next-to-last Waymores run of 2012, and I’m amazed at how the fall colors are hanging in this year. They’re muted now, of course—all deep gold, orange and rust red—and this afternoon it’s as if the hills across the way are calling me to come walk, slowly, and settle into the changing world as winter approaches just over the horizon. Look at all the gold in your life, they seem to say—and don’t miss a minute of its beauty.


2. Tour Ireland with me next August 21-30!

Next August I’ll be returning to Ireland with 22 friends and fans to explore Counties Cork, Kerry and Clare… for an intimate backroads see-and-hear-the-real-Ireland tour.

This will be my ninth visit to Ireland—I just love it there—and I’d love to share the journey with you.

For all the info, click HERE and HERE.

BTW over 2 dozen photos were just added to my online gallery of Ireland pics. To see them, click HERE. (Thanks to Tricia, Kathy, Craig, Keith, Anker and Victor & Carole from my 2012 tour for sharing their images.)

For some great photos from the previous year’s tour, click HERE.

3. News: Closing in on songbook, plus Waymores and New Agrarians album updates

a. TK Songbook: proofs are in my hand!

Thanks to Sue Riley and Levi Hammock, I have my songbook in my hand—OK, in my computer—and practically ready to print. Final small jobs for me: writing an acknowledgements page and proofing Nashville number charts. (Hope to find a day for that before Thanksgiving.)

It’s gonna happen!

b. Waymores debut album update

Sally Barris, Don Henry and I have regrouped on an “official” release for our debut album, and it looks like that will be around February of the new year. More on that soon, but we will be servicing radio and seeking reviews from select print and online outlets.

In the meantime, we do make the CD available at our live shows and at our website and it’s been suggested to me by exceptionally discerning people that it makes an excellent Christmas gift. (I know my mother is getting one!)

c. The New Agrarians album is in the can, which is to say it’s mixed and ready for mastering, artwork and manufacturing. More soon on all that. Pierce Pettis, Kate Campbell and I are seriously jazzed about this one. We collaborated in writing most of the songs, and we each chipped in others we love for this project

4. Drawing Board

a. Solo record: Morning is breaking

Now that I’m mostly off the road till February, my number one work at hand is getting on with recording in my home studio. I’ve been trying out songs in my shows, and when I’m home I’ve been doing some late night experimenting with sounds and tracks.

5. Food for Thought (in the spirit of Thanksgiving)

“Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things.”
-Horace, Roman poet (65 BC-8 BC)

“Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.
-William Shakespeare, playwright and poet (1564-1616)

“Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.”
-Estonian Proverb

And on a lighter note:

“Thanksgiving, when the Indians said, ‘Well, this has been fun, but we know you have a long voyage back to England!'”
-Jay Leno, comedian, talk show host (b. 1950)

(Thanks to,, Wikipedia and I forget who else. But thank you too!)

6. TK Poem (Very Short Essay) of the Month

“Flight 785”

The guy in the seat beside me shaves his head—he did an excellent job of it this morning—but he has a mass of hair growing out of his ears.

This is the kind of thing I notice when I’m traveling. If he had on some unusual shoes—like those Five Finger shoes you see around that look like gloves on your toes—I’d probably ask him, “How do you like those shoes?”

Because I talk to strangers. I ask people things.

Like, “How much longer do you have to wear those braces?” to the flight attendant.

“Are y’all headed to the game?” to the guy decked in team colors.

But you can’t really ask a person, “Dude, what’s with the hairy ears?”

Still, you have to wonder.

7. Perspective: Tech’s accelerating evolution

I ran across an article with a timeline illustration showing the lightning speed at which technology is evolving, and it got me thinkiing…

Consider this:

The first “desktop” computer was built at MIT just 50 years ago. It had a footprint of 8 square feet, had one teeny kilobyte of memory, and it cost almost $44,000.

The first email was sent by the Department of Defense in 1971—the year I left home for college—via its ARPAnet, later renamed the “Internet.”

Apple’s Mac debuted with a Super Bowl ad 28 years ago, the year the space shuttle made its maiden voyage.

The World Wide Web was invented 22 long years ago, the year Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson were born.

eBay and Amazon were established 17 years ago (the 50th anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped on Japan)… and Google and PayPal 14 years ago (the year Titanic won 11 Academy Awards).

The iPhone was introduced all of 5—count ’em, 5!—years ago. That would be the year in ancient history in which the final Harry Potter book was published and the first Kindle e-book reader went on sale.

(Thanks to the AARP Bulletin and Wikipedia.)

8. Recommended for November: Miracle Balls!

As days grow short and muscles tighten against the cold, I’m recommending an easy, great feeling way stay loose and build a healthier back:

It’s called “The Miracle Ball Method,” a book by Elaine Petrone, and it comes with 2 Miracle Balls.

What, you ask, is a Miracle Ball?

A couple of years ago an exceptional massage therapist in Massachusetts recommended that I begin addressing my poor posture and tight back using “Miracle Balls,” which turned out to be a pair of small, pliable, rubbery air-filled blue balls.

For whatever reason, only recently did I begin using the balls regularly—usually before bed each night—and now I’m a true believer. I have NO lower back pain, my posture has significantly improved, my back and shoulder muscles are more relaxed… and I feel taller, more grounded and comfortable.

And the balls are SO EASY to use. In essence you just lie on the floor, put one or two of the balls under your tailbone or upper back… and let gravity and breath do the work.

The tiny book (more of a manual) is clearly written and illustrated with photos and diagrams, and you can pick up the basics at a glance.

Available at Costco, Amazon etc… but best price I’ve found ($25-30) is at the author’s website, HERE.

(Thanks to Patti Smith.)

And THANKS to all of you for your continuing interest, support and encouragement—and for the community we form together. It means the world to me.

Peace to All,

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