Tom Kimmel’s Fall 2012 News & Tour Dates

1. Greetings! (from my fireplace to yours)
2. News: Ireland 2013 dates, New Agrarians recording, Waymores update, TK in new Nashville Arts and Entertainment Guide
3. Drawing Board: TK songbook, solo album update
4. Food for Thought: Election season wisdom: Margaret Meade, George Orwell, David Walker, Arthur Schopenhauer
5. Poem of the Month: “When the Moon Appears”
6. Perspective: The Story of Stuff (revisited)
7. Recommended: Album (Sally Barris’s “Wilder Girl”) and book (Younger Next Year)

1. Greetings!

October. The fascinating thing about touring this time of year is that I slip in and out of seasons as I move north and south, east and west. The colors turn earlier as I travel north and to higher elevations. Of course there are few prettier places than Tennessee in the fall, and I love to be home for our day-to-day turning.

Home is where I am today, alone in the house, fire in the fireplace, dog in my lap, nursing a scratchy throat with hot tea… happy to see the first blush of red in the maple trees across the way.


2. News: Ireland 2013 tour dates, New Agrarians album nearing completion, Waymores official release postponed, TK featured in Nashville Arts & Entertainment Guide, Teaching at next month’s Lamb’s Retreat

a. Ireland 2013

My Ireland 2013 tour is all set. I’ll be returning with 22 friends and fans to Counties Cork, Kerry and Clare in Ireland’s gorgeous south and west… for an intimate backroads see-and-hear-the-real-Ireland tour. Dates are Aug 21-30, 2013.

These visits have enriched my life more than words can say, and I’d love to share a tour with you.

To find out how you can join me, click HERE.

b. The New Agrarians album is done, save for one final session of small adjustments. (Then there’ll come mastering, artwork and pressing, of course). Pierce Pettis, Kate Campbell and I are so excited about this one. We wrote half the songs together and chipped in others we love that fit right in. Much more in my next newsletter.

c. The Waymores debut album’s “official” release is being pushed back till early 2013. We do make the CD available at our live shows and our website (, but we now plan to launch that all-important press and radio campaign in the US and Europe early next year.

d. I’m happy to be included as a poet(!) in the literary arts section of the new Nashville Arts and Entertainment Guide, which will be on newsstands through August 2013. Thousands of copies are distributed through the Nashville Convention Bureau, the Nashville Airport, Barnes and Noble, Hudson gift shops, etc…

To view online click HERE. I’m on pg 30. Thank you to DJ Anderson for her thoughtful profile.

e. I’m looking forward to teaching and writing again at Lamb’s Retreat in Michigan. John D. Lamb runs a great operation. If you’re ready for a smooth, inspiring writing retreat, check it out HERE.

3. Drawing Board

a. TK Songbook: it’s getting there!

My friend Sue Riley has done major work updating and reformatting my songbook, and she tells me she’ll soon be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

b. Solo record: The first track is in the can.

It’s a small step, I know, but I’m thinking of it as the groundbreaking ceremony for a new building: it starts with one shovel and little dirt.

4. Food for Thought for election season

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”
–George Orwell, author (1903-1950)

“One should always be careful of forming alliances on the basis of a common enemy.”
–David Walker, author (b. 1951)

“Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.”
–Frank Zappa, artist (1940-1993)

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”
–Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher (1788-1860)

5. TK Poem of the Month

“When the Moon Appears”

When the moon appears
outside my window
I take it for light on a wing
or a streetlamp,
nothing like the moon,
this new thing.

And when I see it
for what it is,
and what it never was,
I imagine who I’ll be
when it leaves.

6. Perspective: the story of (all our) stuff!

Last week I took a filled-to-the-brim car to Nashville’s special recycling center–that place that takes the paint, aerosol cans, car batteries and electronic junk.

My load included a large tube television, various modems and routers, a garbage bag filled cords and cables, a digital radio, 4 broken printers, several dead hard drives and much more.

I added my stuff to a mountain of gear already deposited there, and I felt… well, kind of creeped out. Where did this stuff come from? And what are they going to do with it now?

On the way home I remembered a short video I saw awhile back called “The Story of Stuff.” It blew me away then, so I just watched it again. Heavens! It’s even more provocative, informative and inspiring now.

To see it, click HERE.

The video was made by a non-profit org called “The Story of Stuff Project,” an world-greening nonprofit organization that really walks its talk.

7. Recommended: Waymore partner Sister’s music, plus inspiring book

a. Music: Sally Barris’s just-released “Wilder Girl” album

I’ve been a fan of Sally’s for 20 years–have long loved her voice and songs–and it’s been sweet making music with her (and Don Henry) in The Waymores these past 3 years.

Her new album “Wilder Girl” is a worthy addition to her body of work–and a great introduction to her music.

Check it out HERE.

b. Book: *Younger Next Year, by Chris Crowley, Henry S. Lodge M.D.

*The book was written for men, but there’s a women’s addition with a forward by Gail Sheehy

My talented friend, cellist Dirje Smith gave me Younger Next Year as a gift. Dirje recently survived a serious illness, and has been blessing her friends with the book. Thank you Dirje!

Younger Next Year points out that thanks to modern medicine more of us are living longer–but that often we live longer than we feel food–longer than we are “functional.” And it lays out for us–in an entertaining way–what we can do for our own well being.

Wherever books are sold… or better yet, at your local library.


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