Tom Kimmel Late Summer 2012 Newsletter

1. Greetings! (from high above the Atlantic Ocean)
2. News: Official Waymores release coming, New Agrarians album underway, TK songs in new inspirational music songbook
3. Drawing Board: TK songbook progress (honest!), solo album update
4. Food for Thought: Marcel Proust on vision, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on perspective, Mark Twain on getting into heaven
5. Poem of the Month: “Lovers’ Grace”
6. Perspective: The cost of getting from here to there
7. Recommended: New albums by Dana Cooper, Lisa Aschmann and Allie Farris

1. Greetings!

Hi Everyone…  from somewhere over the North Atlantic. Can’t see out the window because the big kid next to me pulled the shade, then fell asleep on my shoulder, but according to the map on the screen Greenland is somewhere just off to the right.

I’m flying home from Ireland after a sweet and inspiring tour with a busload of great fans and friends–plus several very enjoyable house concerts with my Irish friend Parisch Browne.

To see a few pics from my Ireland tour, click HERE.

I’ll hit the ground running at home, so I’ll jump right in with an overdue newsletter.

2. News: Official Waymores CD release coming, New Agrarians album near completion

a. The Waymores self-titled debut album (drum roll!) will be officially out in November. That means we’ll be servicing radio and hunting up some good press.

Don Henry, Sally Barris and I are very proud of this record. We played, sang and recorded it in my tiny studio, then got we got Grammy-winning pal Ray Kennedy to mix and master it.

So it’s officially out in November, but you can buy it HERE now.

(For Waymores tour dates, see my tour sched below.)

b. The New Agrarians album is well underway!

Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis and I spent a satisfying week in late July recording a dozen tracks at the Delta Music Institute in Cleveland, Mississippi, way down in the cradle of the blues. Huge thanks to old friend Tricia Walker with DMI for making it happen.

Starting later this week we’ll be overdubbing and mixing in Nashville. So watch for more news as we progress. It’s an honor to work with Pierce and Kate, and I look forward to sharing with you the fruits of our labor.

c. Got word the other day that two of my songs–“Angels” (written with Jennifer Kimball) and “Everything Changes” (written with Sue Riley) are included in a new Hal Leonard-distributed songbook, “101 Inspiring Songs, the Ultimate New Thought Fakebook.”

Order it HERE.

(Thanks to Charylu Roberts and Doug LeBow.)

3. Drawing Board

a. TK Songbook: serious progress!

My friend Sue Riley has done a great job updating, correcting and reformatting my songbook, with the help of young maestro Levi Hammock. We’re CLOSE now. I should be able to set a publication date soon.

(It’ll now include guitar chords and tab, notation for vocals and piano, Nashville number charts and lyric pages for all 20 songs.)

b. Solo record: Recording rescheduled for Sept and Oct

It’s been pushed back a couple of times by other projects, but it’s next on the agenda, and I’ll be getting to it starting mid-September. I’ve been testing songs for it in my live shows and have a line on how it’ll take shape.

4. Food for Thought

“The voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
–Marcel Proust

“Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
–Arthur Conan Doyle/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out, and your dog would go in.”
–Mark Twain

5. TK Poem of the Month

“Lovers’ Grace”

Bless this food before we eat,
the toast we burned scraped in the sink,
the scrambled eggs a little dry,
the grits still smoking on the eye.

Because our love is far too strong
to keep hands off each other long
or kisses far from other’s face,
we bow our heads and say this grace.

6. Perspective

Riding with Parisch from Galway to Dublin last week I filled up his van with “petrol,” and I noted that the price of gas was 1.65 euro per liter. Did a little math and discovered that comes out to $7.65 a gallon. That’s right! Seven dollars and sixty-five cents. I hope to remember what the rest of the world is paying next time I complain at the pump!

7. Recommended: Strong new albums by my friends

a. Dana Cooper, “Road Show”

For the uninitiated, this one-man live album’s a terrific introduction to Dana’s fine body of work. For his fans, it’s a must. Really shows off Dana’s earthy, groovy gifts and captures his amazing spirit.

Check it out HERE.

b. Lisa Aschmann, “The Flowers”

Lisa–a long time collaborator of mine–is the most prolific writer I know. She’s also knocked out several inventive solo albums, of which this latest is my favorite. Highly recommended–and an excellent intro to one of the best writers I’ve been blessed work with.

Buy it HERE.

c. Allie Farris, “You Make Me Smile”

This EP is Allie’s 2nd effort, and it really shines. A versatile, pop-inspired young singer-writer, Allie’s songs are seductive, infectious and beat-worthy. This collection promises much to look forward to from a flowering talent.

For more click HERE.

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