Tom Kimmel July 2012 News

In This Issue:

1. Warm Greetings! (pun intended)
2. News: Ireland ho! Waymores debut CD!
3. Drawing Board: New Agrarians recording, solo album, songbook, book
4. Food for Thought: Robert Frost, Muriel Rukeyser, Maria Popova
5. Poem of the Month: Invisible Man
6. Recommended: Summer movie app, weirdest TK song video ever…
7. Note to promoters: Now booking solo & trio dates

1. Greetings!

Hey Everybody,

Hard to imagine that as I write this it is 102 degrees outside–and that it has cooled off considerably! How hot is it? Hottest in Nashville’s history. So hot that global warming skeptics in the family are having doubts. So hot that our pet rabbit Mr. Petunia has taken up residence in our living room. (Ever seen an overheated bunny? Scary!)

And seriously, to all of you in the East who’ve been without power and have suffered with the heat–and to all my friends in Colorado who’ve suffered with the fires and the heat and very real danger, my heart is with you.

2. News

a. *Ireland

Yes, I’m taking another group of fans and friends to Ireland, and we’re just under 6 weeks from liftoff. Just checked weather, and the high temp today in Skibbereen is a breezy 63. It’s 66 in Dingle, and 64 in Waterford–which is where we’ll be heading next month.

As I write this I still have 6 seats available on our coach, so if you’ve felt the tug, this is my personal invitation to join me for a trip we will never forget.

We’ll fly into Shannon (near Ireland’s west coast) and begin the tour proper on August 14. We’ll travel to the seaside town of Dungarvan that day, and we’ll explore Counties WaterfordCork and Kerry before circling back to Shannon to celebrate our adventures, parting on August 23. Amazing music, off-the-scale natural beauty, Irish culture, history, great food and drink–and a deep experience of Irish life with a group of kindred spirits: that’s our agenda.

All the info HERE and HERE.

*The photo in the banner above was taken by Marla Grassi on last year’s tour. The pathway leads to a small oratory (prayer room) built in the 7th or 8th century–one of many special stops along our way.

b. Waymores debut album

The Waymores (Don Henry, Sally Barris and me) just played a couple of extra-sweet Nashville showcases to introduce our new album to our homies, and though we now off on solo missions till fall trio dates kick in, the album is available now HERE.

Early reaction is everything we could hope for. (We’ll be doing national radio, press and promotion starting in the fall… and we hope to promote it in Europe too.)

c. Hey Mama that’s me!

i. The University of Alabama’s Alumni Magazine includes a feature on me in its summer edition. I had not heard from anyone at my alma mater since graduating back during the Pleistocene Epoch, so this is exceptionally nice.

ii. The Nashville Entertainment Guide is the most widely distributed guide to my adopted hometown, and each annual edition features 6 writers–not songwriters, but novelists and poets–and I will be included in the next issue for my poetry. It’s mind boggling. (You never know. )

3. Drawing Board

a. New Agrarians album

The New Agrarians (Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis and me) have been given a wonderful opportunity to record an album in late July/early August, thanks to Tricia Walker and Delta State University in Mississippi. We’ll be working in DSU’s state of the art studio, and we are pumped. More to come.

Pierce, Kate & I have been performing sporadically to enthusiastic crowds for about 3 years, and it’s about time we made a record.

b. Solo album

Have been slowed by a maddening ghost-in-the-machine studio disturbance, but a gear upgrade has exorcised the electronic demon, and I’m back at it. Updates to come.

c. Songbook

Still high on the list. Virtually at the top.

d. Book (poems and essays)

I’ve been writing, re-writing, organizing, plotting and scheming. It’s on the horizon.

4. Food for Thought on poems, stories, travel

“A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”
-Robert Frost, poet/playwright (1874-1963)

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”
-Muriel Rukeyser, poet/activist (1913-1980)

“Stories aren’t merely essential to how we understand the world. They ARE how we understand the world.”
-Maria Popova, journalist/editor of the blog, Brain Pickings

5. TK Poem of the Month

Yesterday was my daughter’s 19th birthday, so this poem from our carpool days seems appropriate.

“Invisible Man”

My daughter is vaguely aware of me.
I am away most of the time
and otherwise remain a ghostly figure.
I drive carpool when I am home,
and I’m as invisible as a bartender
while she and her girlfriends
chatter away in the back seat.

When I venture a question–
Do I turn here? for example
–the response is delayed as if my passengers
are attempting to identify the noises
emanating from the front seat.
I note the perfunctory reply
and reactivate my cloaking device.

The truth be told, I enjoy being the Invisible Man.
I learn a great deal about my daughter’s world
as we make our rounds.
And when little is sought, yet more is received
–the unsolicited hug, the late night voicemail:
When are you coming home?–
I’m warmed considerably by the knowledge
that I have indeed been observed in my habitat,
in my orbit near her world’s perimeter.

6. Recommended: Bladder-friendly summer movie app, plus surreal TK song video

a. Runpee!

That’s right, a phone app to help you get through those long summer movies without having to choose between wetting your pants in the theater and missing important scenes. Free app for iPhone, Droid phones and Windows phones. Check it out at your app store–or online HERE.

b. Weirdest TK song video. Ever.

I feel a little odd recommending a video of someone covering one of my songs, but you must see THIS. Really. Watch the dog.

7. A Note to Concert Promoters and Hosts

I would love to play, read, speak or teach at your listening room, theater, church, workshop or college. Shauna (my booking agent) is enthusiastically booking solo and trio shows, workshops, and poetry/book readings for the remainder of 2012 and beyond.

(To infinity… and beyond!)

For TK solo shows contact:

Shauna Jamison

She’ll make it happen. Painlessly.

Ditto for booking the New Agrarians (Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis, me) and Sherpas (Michael Lille, Tom Prasada-Rao, me). Call or email Shauna!

*NOTE that the Sherpas are especially looking to fill these 2 dates in Nebraska or Colorado: October 13 and 14, 2012.

(The Sherpas will be in Loomis, NE on Oct 12.)

For WAYMORES bookings please contact:

John Laird
The Americana Agency
(919) 489-4824

John’s a good man, and he takes care of business.


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