Tom Kimmel Early Spring 2012 News

1. Greetings! (Come on Spring!)
2. News: Come to Ireland with Tom, Waymores album pressing now, TK songs in Oz
3. Drawing Board: 2012 Dreams & Schemes
4. Food for Thought: Marcel Proust, Sting & Joshua Bell on creativity
5. Poem of the Month: “Memphis”
6.. Recommended: Apps for a healthier road (or home) lifestyle

1. Greetings!

The month of March, I was just informed, is “National Frozen Food Month.” Hey, February was CANNED Food Month. January was Oatmeal Month, and April will be Soft Pretzel Month. No kidding–you can’t make this stuff up.

We have Food HoliDAYS too:

-March 28 is Something-on-a-Stick Day
-May 25:  Escargot Day
-July 6:  Fried Chicken Day
-September 17:  Cream Filled Donut Day
-December 18, get this, is Suckling Pig Day


2. News: TK hosts ultra-cool tour of Ireland

a. Registration is open for my 2012 Friends-and-Fans Tour of Ireland!

Dates of our tour: August 14-23, 2012

While I am very sad that our Irish tourmeister Tom Pigott has passed away, my Music-Scenery-and-Culture Tour will be proceeding as planned.

Last year’s tour was one of the highlights of my life, and I’m thrilled to be hosting another group of friends and fans as we explore the south and southwest of the Emerald Isle.

This year we’ll be visiting Counties Cork, Kerry and Clare, some of the most soulful and beautiful places on the planet. The tour I hosted last summer was my 7th trip to Ireland, but in many ways it felt like my first. Hard to put into words, but we’ll be taking a very special trip together.

For updated info (including registration details and downloadable pdf), click HERE.

b. Waymores debut album just DAYS away…

The Waymores album is pressed and delivered. While we’ll be planning an “official” release later in the year, we’ll be making the CD available at our website and our shows right away.

Don (Henry), Sally (Barris) and I are PROUD of this record. We recorded it in my studio, and we sang and played every note ourselves. Then we got Grammy-winning producer/engineer Ray Kennedy to mix and master it. We’re PUMPED!

To receive our newsletter or learn more, visit our website HERE.

c. TK songs newly recorded by Australian superstar John Farnham

Though he’s not so well known in the US, John Farnham has perhaps been Australia’s top male solo pop artist over the past 25 years. He’s recorded several of my songs over 7 of his platinum albums… and now he’s surfaced after a 10 year retirement to release a new album called “The Acoustic Chapel Sessions,” which features my songs “That’s Freedom” and “Hearts on Fire.”

Thank you John! I’m so honored… again!

3. Drawing Board for 2012 and beyond

a. TK Songbook: I’ll get it out this year. Or bust.

b. Solo record: Recording it is the next thing on my list, and I’m dying to get to it. Lots of songs to try.

c. Solo and trio touring (with WaymoresNew Agrarians and Sherpas. Lots of shows, lots of places.

4. Food for Thought

“The voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
–Marcel Proust

“…when you take your mind off worrying about being perfect all the time, amazing things can happen.”
–Joshua Bell

“What kicks in at a certain age is the internal critic. The inner child gets strangled by the inner grown-up.”

5. TK Poem of the Month


I was born in Memphis
and you are buried here
They gave me a map
at the cemetery office
and circled you
so I could follow the winding lane
through acres of markers
and find, under an oak tree
your name, two dates
a plaque in the ground
I kneel and brush away leaves
and dirt kicked up by rain
Here you are, I say
So here you are

Feb 2012

6. Recommended: Smart phone apps for staying fit

For once I’m sticking with a New Year’s Resolution to take better care of myself on the road, and I’ve found a couple of smart phone apps that help me stay on track:

a. Eat This, Not That ($5)

Really helpful, quick and easy to use in a fast food pinch… because I sometimes make dumb choices when I’m ravenous.

b. MyFitnessPal (free!)

It’s gotten 56,000 5-star ratings at Apple’s App Store, and now I know why. Helps you track diet & exercise with ease… and gives you encouraging messages based on your small accomplishments.

(I know, it’s corny. But it’s really working.)


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