Tom Kimmel’s January 2012 News

In This Issue:

1. Happy New Year!

2. News: TK’s Ireland 2012 Friends-and-Family Tour booking now! Waymores album ready to go. Gearing up for the road. TK song on new album with David Crosby & Burt Bacharach.

3. Drawing Board 2012: Record solo record. Publish songbook. Tour with the Waymores, New Agrarians and Sherpas. Dreams and schemes.

4. Food for Thought: Our Brains vs. Computers

5. Poem of the Month: “The Bar”

6. Recommended: Movies!

7. Short note to promoters & concert hosts

1. Greetings
Holy crap it’s 2012! I think I’ve been in denial. I remember when my mother dropped me and my 15 year old girlfriend off for a movie date to see “2001, A Space Odyssey”–this was in 1968–and even the year 2001 seemed impossibly far in the future. Heck, my mother was only 35, which is 23 years younger than I am today.

Hey, Happy New Year Everybody!

2. News: Ireland 2012 Friends-and-Fans Tour. Waymores album release coming. TK song on CD with Randy Newman, David Crosby, Burt Bacharach and Zooey Deschanel.

a. Registration is open for my 2012 Friends-and-Family Backroads Tour of Ireland! 

Dates of our tour: August 14-23, 2012

Last year’s tour was one of the highlights of my life, and I’m thrilled to be taking another group of friends and fans to the Emerald Isle with Irish Tourmeister Tom Pigott.

This year we’ll be visiting Counties Waterford, Cork and Kerry and exploring some of the most soulful and beautiful places on the planet. I can’t wait.

For all info (including downloadable pdf), click HERE.

b. Waymores release coming

The Waymores album is in the can. I just got a peek at the album cover, and it’s a real work of art. We’ll lining up our release now, and we couldn’t be more excited.

I’ll be keeping you posted.

For more on Waymores click HERE.

c. Every Child CD Release

Shawn Colvin’s recording of my song “When You Know” is included on a new compilation album benefiting the Every Child Foundation, an organization working with sick and abused kids in Southern California.

Other artists and writers represented on the album include David Crosby & Graham Nash, Burt Bacharach, Lisa Loeb, Kenny Loggins, She and Him (Zooey Deschanel) and my personal favorite American singer-songwriter, Randy Newman.

My co-writer Jeff Franzel and I are happy to support the foundation.

To order the CD or learn more about Every Child Foundation click HERE.

3. Drawing Board for 2012

a. Songbook

I’ll get it out this year. Or bust.

b. Solo record

Recording it is the next thing on my list, and I’m so ready to get to it.

c. Solo and trio touring. Lots of shows, lots of places.

4. Food for Thought: Are computers finally smarter than we are?

From “Computers vs. Brains,” by Mark Fischetti, Scientific American Nov 2011 issue

  For decades computer scientists have strived to build machines that can calculate faster than the human brain and store more information. The contraptions have won. 

  The world’s most powerful supercomputer, the K, from Fujitsu, computes four times faster and holds 10 times as much data. And of course, many more bits are coursing through the Internet at any moment. 

  Yet the Internet’s servers worldwide would fill a small city, and the K sucks up enough electricity to power 10,000 homes. The incredibly efficient brain consumes less juice than a dim light bulb and fits nicely inside our head. 

  Biology does a lot with a little: the human genome, which grows our body and directs us through years of complex life, requires less data than a laptop operating system. Even a cat’s brain smokes the newest iPad⎯1,000 times more data storage and 1 million times quicker to act on it.

5. TK Poem of the Month

“The Bar”

I’m not leaving in the lines
That didn’t make the book
They’re somewhere in a drawer where they belong

I’m not singing you the notes
That didn’t make the cut
Though they could turn up some other song

And probably not!
That’s how it goes
When they go down
They hardly ever come up smelling like a rose

The world is cold
And it’s a shame
But there’s the bar
And we must raise it just the same

6. Recommended: Movies!

Had a chance to see a few films over the holiday break–a real luxury these days–and I particularly enjoyed:

a. The Descendents. I’ve loved all Alexander Payne’s movies (Election, About Schmidt, Sideways). Big Oscar buzz for this one–and deservedly so.

b. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Devoured the books. Liked the Swedish film. Not easy to condense the sprawling thriller, but I was really happy with this one. 

c. We Bought a Zoo. Took the family and everybody loved it. How rare is that?

d. Into the Abyss. Legendary German director Werner Herzog looks deeply into the human experience with this documentary. Gritty, but with insight and compassion.

e. Moneyball. Now out on DVD, so if you’re any kind of baseball fan and missed it in the theater, I recommend it.

f. The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Speaking of DVDs, I missed this one in the theaters, but Santa Claus brought the DVD. What a gem! I’ll be watching it again.

7. A Note to Concert Promoters and Hosts of all kinds:

We’re booking TK solo shows, workshops and events for 2012 . . .  and beyond.

Contact: Shauna Jamison

(If it can happen… she’ll make it happen.)

Note: Shauna also is booking the New Agrarians (Kate Campbell, Pierce Pettis & me) and the Sherpas (Michael Lille, Tom Prasada-Rao et moi).

The Waymores are booked by John Laird at the Americana Agency:
(919) 489-4824

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