Tom Kimmel’s Early Fall 2011 News

In This Issue:

1. Greetings!
2. News: Waymores album in the can, next Ireland trip, Sherpas report
3. Drawing Board: Solo record, songbook
4. Food for Thought: Hakan Nesser, PJ Curtis, Rufus Thomas
5. Poem of the Month: “Home, Like Ireland” (short essay)
6. Recommended: 2 novels
7. Note from Shauna: TK house concerts & song coaching

1. Greetings!

I’m on the train between Austin and Ft. Worth. Fare is $26. Why have I not taken this train before? Hello McFly!?! The seats are wide, there’s a flip-down foot rest, the car is clean as a whistle, there’s a pretty girl across the aisle, I have a hot cup of halfway decent coffee on my tray, and I’m looking out the window at a sheet metal building advertising WELCOME TO TAYLOR Home of the Ducks. Could it get any better than this?


2. News: Waymores album, Ireland 2012, Sherpas report

A. Waymores miracle

Miracle? Maybe not, but surely it’s a wonder. After two years and change the Waymores album is in the can. Stick a fork in it! And we couldn’t be happier.

Next steps, the usual: cover design, liner copy, game plan, release, press, promotion…

And to pay for all this we’re doing some good-hearted fundraising, offering various fun and juicy perks in exchange for every manner of financial support: small, large and in between.

To lend a hand or just to check out the trio, visit Waymores website.

B. Next Ireland Tour

I’ll be hosting another backroads music tour in Ireland in 2012 from August 14 to August 23. Details will soon be posted to my website, and I’ll include info in next month’s newsletter.

C. Sherpas sighting

The Sherpas (Tom Prasada-Rao, Michael Lille and myself) perform all too seldom, and we had an extraordinarily fine time playing 3 shows together this past weekend in Texas. It had been over 2 years since our last performance, and that’s just no good.

For future Sherpas booking email Shauna Jamison at:

3. Drawing Board:

A. TK solo album due up next

It’s not going to happen overnight, but I’ve broken ground on my next solo album. There are two projects I’m keen to do right now. One is a cohesive collection of new songs in the spirit of my live shows, and the other is a collection of songs I’ve written over the past few years with writers from up north: Danes, Swedes and Canadians. (Working title: “Songs from the North Country.”)

B. TK Songbook

A brave friend in Texas has offered to jump in on final proof and corrections, and I’ve just sent him the first song to experiment with. This is to say that there is glacial movement in this department. More to come.

4. Food for Thought:

“Who can control the capricious mechanisms of memory?”
–Hakan Nesser
Swedish crime writer

“The best way to insure that a tradition endures is to ban it.”
–PJ Curtis
Irish author, producer & scholar

“If you were black for one Saturday night on Beale Street, you would never want to be white anymore.”
–Rufus Thomas (1917-2001)

5. Poem of the Month (short essay: Home, Like Ireland)

Home, Like Ireland

Show me the way to go home
I’m tired and I want to go to bed…

One of my earliest memories is of my grandfather singing that song to me, and I do believe that even as a toddler I knew what it meant. Home. Where I belonged, where I was safe and loved, where I could feel my feet on the ground and know I was sheltered by family. Where I had a growing sense of who I was.

Of course home is more than place, and in my travels I find it unexpectedly here and there in a song, a deep breath, a lift to where I’m headed, a shared meal or kind word. And certainly there are places, locations that are unmistakably home. Houses, towns, rivers and names. For me, that is Alabama, and the Deep South, and Tennessee, where I was born and where I’ve lived for the longest time. And surprisingly, Ireland.

To continue reading, click HERE.

6. Recommended:

A. A Star Called Henry, by Roddy Doyle

Some of us know Roddy Doyle as the author of The Commitments, which was subsequently made into the popular film that spawned a best-selling album.

A Star Called Henry is an historical novel of the highest order, and it brought to life for me the nature and origins of Ireland’s conflicted contemporary character. Indeed, to quote myself, the Irish are the sweetest and the meanest people I believe I’ve ever encountered. (And maybe that’s why I feel so at home in that country.)

Doyle tells the story of a Dublin street urchin born at the turn of the last century who finds his heart, strength and wit while growing up through one of the most troubled and pivotal chapters in Ireland’s modern history. Highly readable… and educational.

B. Mind’s Eye, by Hakan Nesser

If you were enthralled with Stieg Larsen’s best-selling crime fiction trilogy (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo…) you may be hungry for more first rate Swedish crime writing.

Hakan Nesser is one of the most highly acclaimed Swedish yarn spinners, and Mind’s Eye is the first in a series of 10 novels featuring an ill-tempered, highly intuitive detective named Inspector Van Veeteren. A highly entertaining, well written read.

7. Notes from Shauna: TK Songwriting coaching… and House Concerts


Tom is available to teach/coach/mentor songwriters in one-on-one sessions (in person or long distance via phone, iChat or Skype).

For more, see Tom’s info page online at:

…or email me for rates at

Feedback from Tom’s students and peers is consistently outstanding. He’s not only a great writer; he’s a great teacher for writers.

“Your insights and thoughts on songwriting have really opened doors for me, and your encouragement continues to mean so much.”
—Aisling Kavanaugh, IMRO Workshop, Dublin, Ireland

“Thank you for the excellent job you did for us at Dallas Baptist University…. Our students did not want it to end… and later asked if we could have you back for a week!”
—Terry Fansler, Ph.D., Director of Studies in Music Business, Dallas Baptist University


A “HOUSE CONCERT” is a unique way to hear Tom’s music in an intimate, personal setting. If you’d like to learn more about creating a night you and your friends will never forget, email me—Shauna Jamison:

*Shauna Jamison
Point Clear Creative Director

*Shauna will also arrange bookings for the New Agrarians and the Sherpas.

–for WAYMORES Concert Booking:
John Laird
The Americana Agency

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