Tom Kimmel’s Spring 2011 News


1. Greetings!
2. News: Waymores album in the mix, Waymores website… and touring with
three (3!) trios
3. Special: Seats on the Irish bus
4. Drawing Board: Solo recording, Songbook
5. Food for Thought: Mark Twain, Carl Jung, Gordon Lish
6. New Feature: TK Poem of the Month
7. Recommended: Incredible underwater art
8. Note from Shauna: TK house concerts & song coaching


Hello from 36,000 feet above Idaho… or Utah… or New Mexico. I’m really
not sure, but it doesn’t appear that Spring has quite made it to the snow
capped mountains outside my window as I fly southeast from Washington state.

Hey wherever you are, hope Spring is tapping on your door… or rounding the
corner and heading your way.

2. News: Waymores album mixing, Waymores website, three (3) trios

A. The Waymores album is being mixed as I write this, and it should be
complete within a week or two. Lord it’s been a long train coming, but it’s
nearing the station. Don Henry, Sally Barris and I are very excited.

B. The Waymores’ fledging website is up and running. Check it out!

(It’s a work-in-progress, with much more to be added in the coming weeks.)

C. While I love working with the Waymores, I’m also happy to be reuniting
with two other trios: the New Agrarians (Pierce Pettis and Kate Campbell),
and the Sherpas (Tom Prasada-Rao and Michael Lille). Don’t think I’ve ever
been spread so thin, but it’s hard to turn down opportunities to work the
with artists I enjoy so much.

(New Agrarians shows in TX in April (tonight!) and May; Sherpas in TX in

3. Special Feature: TOUR IRELAND with me late summer 2011!

I am thrilled to be co-leading a backroads sight-and-sound tour of Ireland
from August 28 though September 6 of this year.

As of today we still have 3 or 4 “seats on the bus” available, so if a
personal, musical tour of the “real Ireland” sounds appealing, I’d love for
you to complete our group of twenty-one.

In a nutshell, we’ll travel in a luxury bus by day, exploring the
spectacular Irish west coast, visiting castles and stone circles, shopping
in small towns, dining on excellent pub fare… and in the evenings we’ll be
entertained by some of Ireland’s very finest musicians.

For details, visit my website!

(FYI my talented friend Johnsmith leads several of these tours each year,
and he has informed me that we’ll be going at the IDEAL time of year!)

4. Drawing Board:

A. TK solo album next up

I broke ground last week on my next album, recording some tracks for “Clear
Blue Sky.” I’ll be working on it from here on… every chance I get… and
keeping you posted.

B. TK Songbook

Chas Williams, author of the excellent book The Nashville Number System, has
agreed to write Nashville number charts for all twenty songs in my
songbook… so we’re closing in on completing this long-in-the-works

5. Food for Thought:

“You can’t pray a lie–I found that out.”
–Mark Twain (Huckleberry Finn)

“…the pioneer only knows afterward what he should have known before.”
–C. G. Jung (Foreword to Erich Neumann’s The Origins and History of

“I see the notion of talent as quite irrelevant. I see instead perseverance,
application, industry, assiduity, will, will, will, desire, desire, desire.”
–Gordon Lish (author, editor)

6. New Feature: Poem of the Month

Now I know why Rhett Butler enlisted
when the war was a lost cause
Even the scurrilous have their scruples
and must live with themselves in some fashion
She says here’s how it ought to work
The young man’s on the road
The old man’s in the garden
I believe you have it backward
And doesn’t that make perfect sense
when she puts it that way?
Still I can’t help making trouble
while there’s trouble to be made

March 2011

For more TK poetry

7. Recommended: Magic beneath the waves

I was recently introduced (online) to Jason deCaires Taylor’s phenomenal
underwater sculptures, and I hope you’ll explore his website.

Stunning, unforgettable work.

8. Notes from Shauna: TK Songwriting coaching and House Concerts


Tom is available to teach/coach/mentor songwriters in one-on-one sessions
(in person or long distance via phone, iChat or Skype).

For more, see Tom’s info page

….or email me (Shauna Jamison).

Testimonials abound that Tom not only a great writer; he’s a great teacher
for writers.


A “HOUSE CONCERT” is a unique way to hear Tom’s music in an intimate,
personal setting. If you’d like to learn more about creating a night you and
your friends will never forget, email me.

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