Tom Kimmel’s Fall 2010 Newsletter

1. Greetings!
2. News: Waymores album wrapping up. Tour Ireland with Tom. TK honored by
nonprofit, and more…
3. Drawing Board: New TK album to be recorded next, and (yes) songbook update
4. Perspective: Traveling between worlds
5. Food for Thought: Quaker proverb, Spanish wisdom on love and war, and Cormac
McCarthy on learning
6. Recommended: Irish singer writer John Spillane, bonafide cold prevention, and
the ultimate travel alarm clock
7. Note from Shauna: TK House Concerts + Workshops and Song Coaching

1. Greetings!

Greetings from my cocoon in the back seat of Sister Waymore’s Toyota Yarus. (Hey it’s surprisingly roomy!) Just passed through Chattanooga on the way to Savannah. The road is the hilly, winding sort, but I remembered to take my Dramamine. See, road life isn’t so tough when one plans ahead:

-Dramamine, check.
-extra batteries, check.
-cell phone charger, check.
-CDs for the car, check.
-chocolate for Sally, check.
-beef jerky for Don, check.

Hey welcome, everybody! (And now the news.)

2. News

A. Waymores CD

Been working like a crazy man the last couple of weeks on finishing the Waymores album. Don (Henry), Sally (Barris) and I are about to sign off on this thing. It’ll be mixed next month by world class producer-engineer Ray Kennedy, and we’re now ballparking an April release. Needless to say, we’re excited!

(FYI there will also be a 5 song “patrons’ EP” available exclusively for
sponsors and patrons in the very near future. I’ll be sending you more on that

B. Michelle’s Angels

I am humbled to be honored as featured artist this autumn by the Michelle’s
Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides loving support to
those facing serious illness or other grave challenges.

C. Tour Ireland with me next August!

That’s right. Come with me and see the REAL Ireland. My good friend Johnsmith
has been taking groups to Ireland for these “backroads” tours for years. Now I
am being blessed with the chance to partner with John’s Irish tour leader to
bring a group of my own friends, fans and family on a backroads tour of Counties
Claire, Cork and Kerry.

Our tour will run from August 29 till September 6, 2011, and cost will be $2,000
US per person, based on double occupancy rooms, which includes travel within
Ireland and most meals. (Single rooms are available for reasonable extra

Note, too, that we are happy to help you find cost effective travel to and from

Tom Piggot–our Irish guide–is now accepting deposits of $500 to insure your
place in our group.

To book a reservation–or for more information–please contact my friend Vicki

(Vicki recently coordinated Kate Campbell’s Ireland tour. She LOVES Ireland,
knows the ropes and is most pleasant and helpful.)

Oh, and there’s also a wealth of information on touring at our Irish partner
Tom’s website:

3. Drawing Board: TK album and (yes) songbook update

a. TK album in-the-works

Yes, first on the agenda when the Waymores album’s done is my next solo record.
I’ll be recording all or most of it in my studio, and I can’t wait to get
started. I’ve picked several songs that will definitely be included, and I’m
sifting through others. I’ll let you know which titles I’m considering when I
begin work. (I’ll welcome your input!)

b. Songbook rising from the dead

It’s so long overdue that I’m hesitant to mention it, but my longtime
assistant/agent/publicist/everything Shauna Jamison is editing video footage
(shot by my dear friend Kenneth Robinson) that’ll accompany the book.

There’s still a final proof-and-edit to be done on the score etc–plus
Nashville number charts to be written–but it’s back on the “assembly line.”

4. Perspective

Somehow I discovered science AFTER college via books by Carl Sagan and Timothy
Ferris. I became fascinated by physics, cosmology and neurobiology. And how
could I ever have thought science was boring? Hello, McFly!

Well, I just read somewhere that quantum physics predicts multiple universes.
That’s right, multiple universes. And that’s the thing about science, at a
certain point it becomes a pure wonder.

I’ll tell you what: on the road this fall I’ve often felt as if I was passing
between universes as I’ve bounced from Texas heat to cold Minnesota rain, from
Louisiana Indian summer to wild New England autumn color. And as I finish this
newsletter I can smell the tidal marsh of the Georgia coast through my window.

Seeing familiar faces along the way, I sometimes think each town, each person,
must know a different version of me, just as I experience a different version of
my world. We connect briefly, then spin back into our own orbits.

Somehow, though–and surely it’s a wonder–on the way home from the airport all
other selves begin to fade, and when I walk through the door I see that my girls
and my dogs are not at all confused about who I am. I respond as if I know too,
and soon I’m again in a world we all recognize.

5. Food for Thought

“Love is like war. You start in when you like, and leave off when you can.”
–Spanish proverb

“Proceed as the way opens.”
–Quaker proverb

“…no creature can learn that which his heart has no shape to hold.”
–Cormac McCarthy (All the Pretty Horses)

6. Recommended:

a. John Spillane CD

My friend Vicki B. recently introduced me to Irishman John Spillane’s music, and
I’m completely enthralled. Last year’s “So Far So Good, Like,” a “best of”
album, is the perfect introduction. You’ll LOVE it! I promise.

John Spillane
“The Best of–So Far So Good, Like”
(Buy from John’s website or as an import from Amazon or other US outlets.)

b. NeilMed neti pot (recommended again this year)

Though the neti pot is not the sexiest recommendation, the season of cold and
flu is fast approaching, and if you suffer from the annual cold or sinus
infection, I have good news for you!

A couple of birthdays back, my pal Tommy gave me a “neti pot” as a gift, and
I–who am prone to respiratory troubles–have not had a single cold or sinus
infection since. (This is called a miracle.)

BTW you can easily find very nice ceramic pots (at Whole Foods’ “Whole Body”
stores and similar places), though I prefer the “NeilMed” brand for travel. They
make a roadworthy little blue plastic pot, and it comes with pre-mixed salt and
baking soda packets. (Extra packets are cheap, and they’re great for any brand
neti pot.)

NeilMed pots are sold at most drug stores, WalMart etc. Who knew that sniffle
prevention was so easy?

c. The ultimate travel alarm: The Screaming Meanie

I can sleep through most anything–the result of being half deaf and sometimes
bone tired from traveling–but I recently discovered the “Screaming Meanie”
travel alarm. It will wake the dead! Mine has 3 settings, and even the “medium”
setting is sufficient. (Loud setting beeps at 120 decibels–that’s rock concert
level, and would probably rouse a hibernating bear.)

There are several models. Mine’s the Model 220 and costs about $35 at at truck
stop. (Most truck stops carry them. What trucker can afford to oversleep?)

If you don’t frequent truck stops, however, you can order online at:

(Also available at Amazon and elsewhere. Mine’s the attractive psychedelic green color.)

ps. My wife HATES the thing, says it’s going to give her a heart attack. But
since I got it I have not missed a soundcheck… or a flight!

7. Notes from Shauna:


Tom is available to teach/coach/mentor songwriters in one-on-one sessions (in person or long distance via phone, iChat or Skype).

For more information click here or contact us for rates.

Feedback from Tom’s students and peers is consistently outstanding. He’s not only a great writer; he’s a great teacher for writers.

“Your insights and thoughts on songwriting have really opened doors for me, and your encouragement continues to mean so much.”
–AK, Dublin, Ireland


A “HOUSE CONCERT” is a unique way to hear Tom’s music in an intimate, personal setting. If you’d like to learn more about creating a night you and your friends will never forget, email Shauna Jamison.

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